• Valentines Day Essentials

    Valentines Day is coming up – what are you up to? Heading out on a date? Staying home? Celebrating Galentines Day instead? I know Valentines Day gets flack for being ~overcommercialized~, but I must admit that I do love the lovely-dovey spirit! The flowers, the chocolate, the cartoon cupids… Gimme gimme! I’ve put together a… Read More

    Valentines Day Essentials
  • Wet N Wild Spring/Summer 2017 Recap + Faves

    Wet N Wild Spring/Summer 2017 Collection I’ll admit, my expectations for Wet N Wild products were uncertain – my only experience with the brand included buying a crumbly kohl eyeliner when I was 14 and using that to practice my ~scene~ makeup. I was recently invited to their 2017 spring/summer launch, and was pleasantly surprised! Wet… Read More

    Wet N Wild Spring/Summer 2017 Recap + Faves
  • Five Good Things

    I’ve been a reader of Kate’s blog for years now and I’ve loved reading her Five Good Things series. The idea is simple – every week she recaps five good things that have happened. I’m suffering from a bout of the January blues so I figured this might be a good way to brighten up… Read More

    Five Good Things
  • One Of A Kind Show – Winter 2016 #OOAK

    One Of A Kind Show Toronto 2016 Hello lovelies! Time to finish up with all the leftover draft that I forgot about… Better late than never, right? I decided to check out the One of A Kind Show in the Enercare Centre in downtown Toronto on December 3rd! It’s a large crafts exhibition that is held in December… Read More

    One Of A Kind Show – Winter 2016 #OOAK
  • PUDDI PUDDI~ Japanese GIGA Pudding!

    I’m baaack!! A while ago, I bought a giant pudding kit from some online Japanese snack store because 1. I like pudding, and 2. I wanted to see if I could eat 3kg of it. I roped my lovely roommate mle into the shenanigans, and filmed us making it! It was an experience, to say the least.… Read More

    PUDDI PUDDI~ Japanese GIGA Pudding!