Kimi Ni Todoke

Recently I’ve really gotten into a manga called Kimi Ni Todoke!

(They are the same characters that are in my blog header~!)

I really like this series! We are currently watching the anime in my school’s anime club.
My friend and I constantly squeal over how cute the characters are!
We sit at the table and go “Kyaa Kyaa~”! It’s so cute!
My favourite character is Sawako! She’s so timid, but very cute! I’d like to cosplay her one day!
Yano and Yoshida are also really funny characters! And Kazehaya is so cute! <3

I really enjoy watching Shoujo anime~!
If you know of any good shoujo series, please tell me! I’m always looking for more shoujo series to watch and read! :’D

My favourite shoujo manga are Wild Ones/ Arakure and Special A!
Wild Ones is about a girl who is the granddaughter of a Yakuza Boss. She has a guardian to look after her~ Her guardian’s name is Rakuto and he’s very handsome~ Another boy is also in love with her and his name is Azuma. I like Rakuto better though! ^_____^
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Wild Ones

Special A is about a girl called Hikari. She is in a special class for the smartest people in the school, and she’s always ranked #2 because her rival, Kei, keeps beating her at everything! The characters in this are very funny and the art is very cute! Hikari is very pretty and strongwilled! I want to be like her, haha~

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Special A

I really love anime and manga! *_________*;;
It’s so nice!

Okay, I’ll update later with some more ramblings. πŸ˜€
Thanks for reading!

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