Woot woot~

Hi everybody!

This week is really going to be hell for me! I’m going to be so busy!

Things to do this week:

Finish french essay – due Thursday morning, second period
Finish English ISU presentation and planning – presentation on Thursday morning, first period
Finish English Handmaid’s Tale package – due Friday
Get Ann’s Shinku bonnet ready – before Friday
Pack for AN – Thursday evening
Iron all cosplays – Thursday evening
Finish Chad’s Magnet Headphones – before Sunday
Finish Micheal’s Suikoden headband thinger – before Saturday’

Buy: Wig caps, lace for Suiseiseki shirt, sweet cherry Geisha Candy, strawberry cakie from the bakery, Dango, white eyeliner

I have to do more stuff! “orz
Please wish me luck! I’ll make sure to spam pictures of Anime North though! I hope to record LUKA LUKA NIGHT FEVER there with my Xacti! :3

Also, I finished my watering can for Suiseiseki!
Here’s a picture~
Do you like it? :3
Everything I used was from the dollarstore, tehe! πŸ˜€

Okay, need to go finish my English homework! I have a feeling I’ll be pulling an all nighter… ORZ

Byebye! xox β™₯

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