I’ve started a little notebook to keep note of my days.
I just put in little jot notes about my day and the different things I did or how much money I spent.

For example, yesterday’s said:

I feel a really strong urge to buy sweat bath/onsen powers and just have baths all the time. Trying to find some online. I’ll look for them next time I go to PMALL. I want the bison brand from Jenny’s blog.

Also crazing gyaru style clothing. Love Korean/Japanese fashions.
I want a pretty blog layout.

Comtec final ISU due tomorrow.
I ♥ Angelababy
The Bachelorette is on in a few minutes.

Bought: Bag of Fritos ($1.25)

It’s really simple, right?
I want to look back on this book in a few years and just see what I did each day!
I think it would be interesting, don’t you think?

I’m reading a manga called Daddy Long Legs. It’s really cute! Alice recommended it to me.

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