Ahh *__*

I’m sorry, I haven’t been updating alot! That will change next week~

This week many things happened! :3

First of all, we got back from Paris! Paris was really beautiful but it was so hot! Almost 35- 40*C every day! ;3; Hotter than back here in Canada, where it’s been ranging from 25-30*C…
I can’t take the hot weather very well. It was so hot there and we didn’t have A/C! I felt so spoiled (hehe) because the apartment that we were in wasn’t allowed to have A/C. I just spent most of my time when were were in the apartment in front of the fan~

I’ll post some pictures later when I get the USB that my dad downloaded them onto! :3

Next, two days ago my friend Chelsea slept over! For her birthday present, I made her a Link (from the Zelda games) cosplay!

It’s about 85% done, we still need to get her the boots, white tights, and put a cleaner trim along the insides of the sleeves! It was fun making this, although I think I’m more of a prop-maker than a seamstress. πŸ˜›

My bangs are also kinda wonky so I’m going to trim them now~
I’ll be updating the Cosplay feature soon so don’t worry about that for now! ;3; β™₯

Thanks! πŸ˜€

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