New blog layout!

Yay! Finally got around to updating my old blog layout! I like this one alot!

I used quite a few images from
After discovering this website, I’m totally in love! I can’t express in words at how much I’m in love with Korean and japanese fashion! I really love korean fashion at the moment because it’s so fresh, clean, and pure! How I wish I could pull off these looks! Maybe I’ll try harder to look better at school this year.

I don’t think that I could be this adorable though!

I’ve also been looking at asian clothing stores such as yesstyle and asiajam! As well as W♥C of course!

I’m applying for a job tomorrow at a local community centre! They’re hiring for the snack bar. It can’t be that bad of a job, besides community centres always hire lots of students! And it’s a snack bar. So it can’t be that bad…
It pays $10.25 an hour! So I can work a day and I’ll have enough to buy myself a W♥C backpack! And cosplay materials and stuff! AND MY MACBOOK OF COURSE!

So exciting!

This will be my first job so I really hope I get considered! I’m also going to apply to ECCO in Square One, but I’ll probably have less of a chance being hired there. Eh, no hurt in applying there. I mean, Jennie got hired at Mexx for her first job! (Ahh SO LUCKY!)

Anyway, I’m going to finish writing my cover letter now! Let’s hope that I get the job!
Then I can get more cosplays to dance in!

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