Inspirational cosplayers!

As you probably know, I am really obsessed with cosplay! I’ve got a convention coming up soon at the end of August (Fan Expo in Toronto) and I’m really excited!

Anyway, there are some really gorgeous cosplayers out there that I really admire! I mean, these girls are drop dead gorgeous! Their cosplays are always top-notch, beautiful, and accurate!
So when I’m preparing for a con, I like to make sure my cosplay is as good as possible! :’D

Here are some cosplayers that I find inspirational!

My current favourite cosplayer: Chamaro
She’s so beautiful, honestly, the most gorgeous person I have ever seen in my life everrr ♥♥
My favourite cosplays she’s done:

Ahh, she’s so cute! <333

Next is Kipi! Kipi is probably one of the most popular cosplayers on the net! She’s really gorgeous and really cute! I really like her… but she’s nothing compared to Chamaro! :’D

And of course, finally, Saya! I haven’t really heard much about Saya, but I’ve seen her pictures before and she’s so pretty! I love her cosplays! Again, nothing compared to Chamaro! :3

Sobbbb all of these cosplayers are so flawless, it makes me want to OTL OTL OTL so badly.
Many people would say that these cosplayers have photoshopped their photos like crazy, and maybe that’s true. But still, they’re super gorgeous! I want to be a flawless cosplayer like that! ;-;
Maybe one day~ I wonder what cosplay would look the best on me? :3
Hopefully BLACK GOLD SAW! :’D

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  1. enlune February 19, 2011

    chamaro is cute but her cosplays.. aren't very good.. LOOL. i love kipi !!!!


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