shopping! :’D

Yes! As I posted yesterday, I went on a bit of a spurge and bought a whole bunch of cute things!

Anyone who knows me will know that I have an INCREDIBLE weakness for all things cute.
Especially Rilakkuma , Banao Elite Banana, and Totoro!

Honestly, I am so obsessed with these cute things! So obviously everything on this ‘kawaii’ items store that I found was so tempting! I only had $58 on my paypal, so I thought ‘Why not treat myself to some cute things? It’ll definitely put me in a way better mood!’

I bought from this website!

(click on the fishie~ :3)

Here are some of the things that I ordered! :’D

Rilakkuma Value Pack!
I practically squealed with joy when I saw this! They have so many value packs! I was so tempted to buy more, but I saw the Rilakkuma one and was like *joygasm* !
They have value packs and grab bags. (Value packs are a load of items for a value price, grab bags are bags filled with random little awesome things!)

This value pack includes a memo set, cute wrapping paper (I can use them to wrap christmas gifts! ) stickers, a tin pencil box, 2 pins, and a cute pen! All Rilakkuma of course!
Plus, it was really cheap! If I went to Pmall and bought these, it would cost probably $3-5 per item! Super value pack! :’D
Link to this item: click here

They also have another Rilakkuma value pack! Same price ($5.99) but it has different (but similar) items. Click here to check it out!

I’m also in need of a new pencil case! I have a colourful gloomy bear one at the moment, but I’ve had it since grade 9 and it’s kind of dirty and faded. So I bought another one! It’s really cute ~

It’s a really cute kitty one! With soft colours and a cute design! Plus it looks bigger than my old one so I’ll be able to store more stuff! :3 I didn’t want one that was too expensive, or at least, one that I would spend more on that buying on here. This cute kitty one was pretty cheap – $4.50! They took the picture down on the website that I bought it from, but they had the other doggie one which is pretty much the same design! :’D The kitty one is pink!

I think I also bought some stickers, I can’t remember! XD I guess I’ll find out when the package arrives!

The only thing with this website is that you must spend $10 or more to have an order. Shipping is calculated by the weight – that way when you’re at the checkout you can get an exact shipping cost depending on the weight of your products!

The total for my purchase was $18.77 (shipping included) – which is a great price in my opinion! Especially for so much cute stuff~ Compared to the price that I would pay at One’s in pmall, I’d probably be spending more than $25 on that stuff!

Janet was really nice and the order was shipped literally 6 hours after I placed my order! Super fast!

I’ll let you know how fast it takes for stuff to ship here and how good quality the items are! :3
I’m really happy right now! ^___^ If you like cute things, you should check out that website. Even if you aren’t going to buy anything, you’ll be so tempted to! Haha!

Just in case you were curious, I didn’t end up buying the Banao cup I mentioned in my last post. It was too heavy and the shipping price was really high! So I’ll buy it next time, maybe for Christmas or something!

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