I really can’t believe it;;;;;;

After my last post, I had 6 people email me with kind words to help me feel better.

= the emotions I’m having right now

YOU GUYS ARE SO NICE BAWWWWWW I started crying again, but happy tears! ;-;
I’m feeling much better now. Much much much much better.

As a thank you, here’s a picture of me looking stupid. ORZ;;;

If you guys want to talk to me on facebook, then you can talk to me here ♥

Also, I’m going to be doing vlogs starting in september. Mostly about gaming/anime/cosplay and all that other nerdy stuff ;;;;

k that’s it, I’m going to spurge on cute things now. I’m going to be ordering like 50 things off the internet which are adorable.
Starting with THIS CUP.

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