My lovely cat Pingy died 2 days ago.
She was 18 years old, which is AMAZING for a cat.
She had to be put down because her kidneys were failing.
(She wasn’t in pain, but was getting very weak and very thin)

I miss her. D:
It doesn’t feel like she’s gone yet.
I still feel like my dad left her at the vet’s office for an overnight appointment and we’re going to
pick her up later.
But I’d rather she went peacefully in sleep than painfully.
I miss her. so much >:

There’s a little ghost kitty walking around my house now, sleeping on my bed and sitting on my chair.

I have lots of pictures of her on my phone but I can’t take any of the pictures off.
It says I have to reformat the memory chip before I can use it again and that means it’ll clean off all off my pictures of her, so I’m going to Walmart to have them made into photos before I reformat. D:

Mom and Dad are looking to buy a new kitty soon. Siamese kitten!
My mom is very sad and lonely and wants to have a cat to keep her company. She wants to name it Happy or Nina. (I don’t want to name my cat those names >___>)
I want to name it Ling Ling because it sounds like Ping. 😀
We are looking for a breeder soon. I will take pictures with my LingLing ♥
I still love Pingy the most though ♥

RIP PingyWingy♥♥♥

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  1. TheSweetBean February 19, 2011

    Poor kitty :C Although I look forward to seeing your new kitten!


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