Bison Bath Salt Review- Volcanic Clay

Hello darlings~

Yesterday I tried out the Bison bath salts that I ordered. I’m going to do a little review on them now! I hope you enjoy it. 
I bought my bath salts from eBay, two for about $7-8 I think? (Kinda pricy, I know.  But I really wanted to try them out!) The listing isn’t up anymore, but there are a few other listings for bath salts if you click here! 
The pack that I bought had the Volcanic Clay and White Clay Sweet Apple kind. You’ll find that if you’re ordering them from overseas, they’ll be quite expensive. :< 
The first one that I tried was the Volcanic Clay one. 
Bison bath salts claim to give you what is called a sweat bath. This basically means that, when added, it increases the water temperature by a few degrees! You will also start sweating like crazy.  I think it’s supposed to help you sweat out some toxins and make your skin better. 
The first thing I noticed after cutting the bag open was the smell!  It’s supposed to be a citrus smell, but it smells quite fruity…. it also has quite strong notes of tea in there. So it’s more of a fruity tea smell than a citrus smell. 
The dry powder is a darker pink, probably more of this colour than the pictures I showed earlier. (The lighting in my bathroom make it look quite dull)

This is what it looked like when I put it in the bathtub. The pink powder turnd into a green/blue/gray colour!  I knew there was something strange when I got the volcanic kind and the powder was pink! 

I even made a little video for you guys! The really cool thing about these bath salts is that they sound like poprocks in your bath!  Haha I thought it was cool. The popping was actually quite loud!

So, the experience~

After putting the salts in my bath, the water turned a bluish green colour! It was quite nice to soak in. After about 5 minutes, the water started heating up! Not to the extent that it would burn my skin, but really heated up the bath. There was lots of steam and I started sweating like crazy!  Good thing I took a glass of water with me before I started my bath. I  normally don’t like the feeling of sweating like crazy but I rode it out and I felt quite good afterwards! The heating effect lasted for about 10 minutes. 

Overall, I’d give an A to this product! I really really like these~ If you’re thinking about trying some, I highly recommend it! (Even if it is a little pricy, you feel great afterwards) 

Hope you liked this review! Tell me what you think~ 

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