DENTIST (illustrated post)

Hello my lovelies!

I literally came back from the dentist about five minutes ago.  Not a very pleasant experience to say the least!

I’ll describe the experience now since I can’t eat dinner and I don’t feel like working on my art project which I put off for about a month and is due tomorrow…  

I arrive at the dentist office. The secretary lady asks me if I had a resumé, I said no. (Basically my dad asked her last time if they were hiring students to do filing and she said maybe, ask your daughter to bring in a resumé.) Being in the really pissy/pms-y mood that I’ve been in for the past two days, I basically told her that I would rather shovel manure for money instead of work at the dentist, and that it was actually the worst place to work and I can’t wait to leave because I hate this place so much.  She had this weird shocked expression on her face BUT WHAT EVER OKAY. :I

Went into the dentist office and they gave me this laughing gas stuff. I’ve been going to this dentist since I was 5, and it’s technically a children’s dentist so they give the children laughing gas to calm them down.
This is what I looked like. (from above)

LMAO such a terrible drawing ORZ.

Oh and before I say the rest, this is what the laughing gas feels like!
Imagine your entire body going a numb feeling, except for your eyes, nose, and fingertips/hands.When you try moving, the feeling feels foreign as if you’re doing it for the first time. You literally feel like a floating head with hands. The radio was also on, but it sounded buzzy. Like when you’re almost tuned to the radio station, but not quite there and has that static feedback.
They also put needles in my gums so I wouldn’t feel anything JUST TO BE SAFE because I freak out when I feel pain.

But anyway they put this plastic cover over my mouth and poked holes so only the three teeth that I needed to have stuff done on showed through. It is basically put there so nothing falls down my mouth or my tongue doesn’t get cut or anything. I kept salivating (I salivate when I’m nervous?) so my spit was literally dripping out the side of the plastic sheet. The dental assistant kept calling me ‘Leaky’ and started laughing. :I
Yeah well lady, I would also be laughing because you’re stuck as a stupid assistant looking into children’s mouths all day.

They started DRILLING which is basically the most uncomfortable feeling EVER because you can feel your teeth vibrating and the sound of a drill. I couldn’t really feel that much at the beginning because of the gas and needles. When the drilling got deeper I started to feel this uncomfortable …hot sensation? Like somebody was pressing a hot drill thing against my teeth. NOT COMFORTABLE TO SAY THE LEAST.

What my dentist was doing:

What it felt like to me:

Anyway I was breathing in this gas deeply because it’s supposed to calm you down, and the Katy Perry song ET was blaring on the radio so I was tapping my hands dumbly to the music. At one point he cut my gums or something, because all I saw was this faint spray of blood go against his surgical mask thing. He just wiped his glasses and was like “We’ve got a sprayer!”

IT WAS HORRIBLE AHHHHHH. Anyway they finished giving me two fillings and this other polish thing, I don’t know what this means. IT WAS UNPLEASANT.

The whole process took about 20 minutes and I honestly wanted to die. Now I can’t eat anything for another half hour and I’m kind of hungry…

I hoped you at least got a laugh out of my painful experience. Have you also have a bad experience at the dentist? Tell me! 


Next post will be a review of Nudy Green circle lenses, so please stay tuned for that!

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