Why hullo there everybody! 

Sorry for the wait!
I forgot to show you these pictures! Jean left her Stocking wig out on the table in our hotel room on Saturday so Ringo and I decided that we needed to camwhore with it. Such a pretty wig haha! 

The cutest Stocking β™₯β™₯ 

Jean, Ringo, and I arrive back at the hotel at around 2AM, having just come back from our BLACK ROCK SHOOTER photoshoot with Ray + Thomas + Michael. Taylor was already asleep when we got back, but we woke him up.  (He fell asleep watching infomercials HAHA. ) We got changed into our PJs. Taylor and Jean were flicking back and forth between Planet of the Apes and Lara Croft to the point where we didn’t know which movie was on haha! We were all like “OMG THOSE ARE SUCH GOOD APE COSPLAYERS, that makeup must’ve been intense, such a good Lara Croft cosplay! So accurate” etc!

Taylor and Ringo fall asleep. 

Sleepy Ringo~ /pedo 

Jean texting somebody on her cell phone~


Jean + Taylor + Ringo + I wake up at around 9:30AM. Jean and Taylor were planning to wake up earlier so they could take their luggage down to the Artist Alley so they could sell prints, but we were all so exhausted from staying up till 2AM that morning. 

First vlog of the Sunday:

As you can see, we were very tired!

Jean and Taylor begin packing up, I lounge in bed, and Ringo goes to take a shower.

Jean and Taylor end up leaving at around 10AM. Ringo and I take about another hour to pack up our stuff and tidy the room up a bit. DoubleTree hotel was offering free baggage check, and we were definitely willing to take advantage of that! Before leaving, we realized that we were basically screwed because we forgot that we had our giant weapons to carry around, as well as our luggage!  

Texted Lulu to come help us but he was busy with some other people. Poop. 
We ended up summoning our inner MANRY MEN and missionned over from the Holiday Inn to the Double Tree (about a 15 min walk), stopping occasionally to re-adjust our weapons and fix our luggage. Dropped our baggage off, and headed over to the TCC to do some last minute shopping and meeting up with friends.

FOUND MORNING LESCUE GUY! HE HAD LEGIT MORNING LESCUE. Honestly, this was my favourite cosplayer at the convention, so cool!

More pictures under the cut!

I didn’t get to keep the Morning Lescue though. 

Passed by the Panty and Stocking photoshoot! This was the pairing shots I think, Panty x Brief!
I also love epic background guy – his cosplay was basically a large cardboard sign with an epic background painted on it!

Saw Jillian @ Panda Logic at the shoot! SUPER PRETTY, and she makes such a beautiful P-P-P-Panty~!
Took a P&S x BRS photo with her on Saturday, will post in my next blog! 

Panty and Stocking sure was popular this year!


They were also selling wigs in the dealers room! They were reasonably priced, I guess. Still too expensive for me though.

Busy dealers room was busy! So many dealers and great merchandise!

One guy was wearing a flag. There were lots of dealers selling fleece bunny/kitty/panda ear hats, tshirts, plushes, etc!

Spotted this and thought of my friends who are obsessed with Dr Who!

Doomed children  Cute kids cosplaying…furries?   S-So many furries this year!

There were also many cosplays being sold this year. It’s good for those who didn’t prepare a cosplay at the convention, as they can just buy one there! 

More dealers room~

FIRST AND ONLY BGS RELATED THIS I SAW AT THE CONVENTION. I would’ve bought the print but I don’t like the art style very much haha. 


We then went back outside and managed to catch the Katamari photoshoot! I always love the Katamari cosplayers, they’re so cute!

The guy in the black furry Katamari suit must’ve been boiling! 
And I thought it was hot in BGS… that must’ve been torture!

My favourite one! Their head had such a cute expression! 

All of them are ridiculously cute! It must be hard walking around with those heads on all day though…

Cute Miso cosplay!

The rainbow head was also very cute!

COW! πŸ˜€

Time for the Katamari Cousins to take a breather! Must’ve been very hot!

Furry Katamari decided to attack some bubbles 

This post is getting a bit image heavy, so watch out for part two which is coming tomorrow!
Thanks for reading~!

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