Sorry, I’m dragging the Anime North posts out too much. I’ll try to finish these up quickly! 
I just love blogging about conventions, they’re so much fun!

Anyway, onto more pictures!

Stephen and Jeff were just hangin’ out off to the side so we met up with them!
Jeff was wearing Sanji from One Piece, Stephen was doing Garterbelt from Panty & Stocking!

Stephen makes such a bitchin’ Garterbelt, don’t you think? DAT AFRO!  SO MUCH HAIR!

“Manly” posing done by some cosplayers! Grey from Fairy Tail, Armstrong from Full Metal Alchemist, and Black Star from Soul Eater! 
That Grey was one of the only good ones I saw that weekend to he honest… The other Grey cosplayers were just shirtless guys with the Fairy Tail tattoo and no wig! I wish people would put more effort into their cosplays sometime haha… 

The sky was getting a bit darker, threatening rain. 

Random people~

PEDOBEAR SPOTTED! Although I question the looks of the guy on the right… 

Obligatory Pedobear picture!
Ringo (running to me after): “HE TOUCHED MY ASS ;____;”

Some Japanese Jrock band was playing a set in the rave patio area. I don’t know what they were called…HITT or something? 

It was too loud for our tastes so we went back into the dealers room.

More pictures under the cut!

JUVIA SPOTTED! She was so cute, and I was so happy to have found a Juvia!  I really like Fairy Tail, and Juvia, along with Erza, are my favourite characters! No Erzas spotted though.

I FOUND SHIMMYCOCOPUFFS IN THE DEALERS ROOM!  I got so nervous though LOL I was freaking out! Immediately ran un tp him for a photo, which ended up looking horrible therefore MIOS FACE WAS PASTED OVERTOP!

NATSU! I remember seeing this guy on and telling him I was going to track him down… lol orz 

/人◕ ‿‿ ◕人\ CONTRACT?
A very cute Homura and Madoka doing their shopping. Apparently the Homura made the Kyuubey plush! It was very well made, very talented plushie maker!  

Ringo bought a little top hat thing because she felt the need to buy something in the dealers room! I’ve been to so many conventions and found that so much of the stuff is overpriced, so I resort to buying all of my stuff online now.  

Left the dealers room to meet up with Sai Kit for the photoshoot, 

Ran into Katie! She was cosplaying Dead Master! I’m sad that she wasn’t cosplaying DM for the BRS shoot, she would’ve made a lovely addition to our group! 

Got back to the Double Tree after the photoshoot, and we waited for Ringo’s mom to come pick her up. 

Saw Miranda! Cosplaying somebody from Portal I believe? 

Also ran into Jada, cosplaying Saria from Zelda! Very very cute, she’s such a talented cosplayer! 

While we waited for her mom to arrive, Ringo and I decided to camwhore (again)

Adorable cake rings from Pinkly Ever After! Ringo and I were both given one each by the very cute Peach Pinku! Thank you so much! 



Srs face

Some guy wandering around outside with no shoes on? 


ALONE ;_; 

Ringo went back home. I was waiting for my dad to come pick me up… Went back to the TCC and lurked around by myself for a bit. Was supposed to meet up with Olivia but she was busy buying stuff in the dealers room so I just stayed in the front area and yelled at her on the phone haha! 

Saw Carmen, took a camwhore pic with her~!

HNNG she’s so cute ♥

Dad came to pick me up, and then I went back home.
And then AN was over. 

All in all, I had a wonderful time! Got to meet up with many friends and hang out, take pictures, and talk~! Hope to see you all again soon!

Oh, and thanks to every body who came up and said hi to me! I didn’t realize so many people would have recognized me from twitter / facebook / youtube / deviantart! XD You guys are awesome!

BRS photoshoot photos are coming some time this week, sorry for the delay! orz

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