[Review] Cafe Latte circle lenses!

Hello darlings~

Is it hot where you are? Right now it’s about 40°C (100°F) in Toronto right now…sweltering hot! (。>0<。) Worst part is that we don’t have any air conditioning – it broke last year and my dad is too cheap to get it fixed….orz 

Anyway I went to the mall to take advantage of their AC, was originally going to watch Horrible Bosses but my free movie ticket was only valid for a theater chain which was across the street. I’ll go watch Xmen there tomorrow because Horrible Bosses isn’t playing!

The highlight of my morning was probably when my Cafe Latte lenses arrived! ヾ(@°▽°@)ノ I got them from circlelens2u.com. They are a online circle lens store that sells a huge range of lenses, and they’re based in Malaysia. Shipping took a week, which is pretty fast, taken to consideration as Canada Post is still suffering a backup of packages that still need to be delivered. About a month ago Canada Post went on strike and no mail was being delivered, so they’re still in the process of delivering all of the packages. If there wasn’t this backup, I bet these lenses would’ve arrived even faster! (TωT)

Lenses arrived wrapped in bubble wrap! I think this is great, as it protects the bottles and makes sure that they don’t get damaged during arrival. ヽ(゜▽、゜)ノ
The lenses did not come with a lens case though, so make sure you have one handy! Luckily I had extras.

Authentic GEO lenses sticker on the side of the bottle. You can go on the GEO website and put in the code to make sure they’re real GEO lenses! Which they are, haha~ (^人^)

Here are the details about the lenses!
Name: Cafe Latte – part of the Princess Mimi or Bambi lenses created by Tsubasa Masuwaka!
Brand: GEO
Size: 15mm
Water Content: 38%
Usage: 1 year
Cost: 14.90 SGD for one lens. This is about $11.60 CAD. It seems confusing but the price is for one lens only, you need to buy two. Therefore the cost is about $23.20, which is still a good price for the lenses! (*゜▽゜ノノ゛☆

This is what the lens looks like in the solution!
I love the latte designs! Instantly knew I had to have these lenses, despite them being 15mm (which I think makes me look kind of alien haha.)

This is a breakdown of the colours. (I realize the right lens is inside out, it’s to give to an idea of what they look like from the front.) ☆(^ε^)

Cafe Latte lenses are 15mm lenses. The base is a light gold-brown. There are flecks of a gold colour, with darker brown flecks. Mimics a latte design.

Yum yum latte!

Now, here’s a close up of the lenses being worn.

No makeup being worn. The lenses look big on my eyes. In my opinion, they blend in really well with my eye colour! makes them a lighter brown but then fades naturally into my natural eye colour. (°∀°)b 

More pics / review after the cut!

Here is an even bigger close up! (Sob I basically have no bottom eye lashes ;^;)
The latte designs are visible up close, but look more natural from afar. (´0ノ`*)

Here’s a picture of how it looks on me with light makeup! I look a bit discoloured in the pictures haha, it’s because it’s so hot that my face goes red, and I covered it up with Kiss Me Heroine Smooth Cover powder! So I look a bit pink and a bit yellow in different places, sorry! (/TДT)/
But whatever, I’m happy to say the lenses don’t look alien on me! (´・ω・`)

It looks like I have naturally large brown eyes! The enlargement is great! (  ゚ ▽ ゚ 😉  I wonder if people actually have massive eyes like this in real life….

Design: 5/5 – looks like a latte! 😀
Enlargement: 5/5  – They are 15mm lenses that don’t make you look alien! They look like you have naturally large eyes.
Colour: 5/5 Lenses are perfect colour, blend in super well with my natural eye colour, as well as adding a light gold-brown tinge!
Comfort: 4/5 – GEO lenses tend to dry my eyes out quite quickly, but eye drops fix that problem!

These lenses are amazing, probably one of my favourites. (/〃∇〃) I think I’ll wear these for my Meiko cosplay at Fan Expo. (I’ve seen different versions of Synchronicity done with both red and brown lenses, so I think I’ll wear these brown ones because they’re so nice!)

Please make sure to check out Circlelens2u if you want to get these lenses! You can CLICK HERE or click the banner in the side bar~ ヾ(@°▽°@)ノ

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