Hello ladies and gents~

Back from another year of Fan Expo! This year’s con was definitely better than the last! Ringo and I went to the convention for the Friday, Saturday, and Sunday~

This post will be quite image heavy! There were so many pictures that I’m not going to bother watermarking them. P:

Ringo arrived at my house on the Thursday before the convention to sleepover. We retouched our Black Rock Shooter weapons and outfits and bought some food for Friday since the lines for food are usually super long! (・∀・)

Woke up at 7AM on the Friday of Fan Expo. Packed / did make-up / drove to the train station for the 9:10AM train. LITTLE DID WE KNOW THAT WAS AN EXPRESS TRAIN SO IT SKIPPED OUR STOP AHHHH SO ANGRY ヾ(。`Д´。)ノ Had to wait another half hour for the next train.

Arrived at Union Station where we walked to the convention centre to pick up our wristbands. Lines were short and moved really fast, so we were able to get into the convention really quickly! I got changed into Meiko (Synchronicity ver.) and Ringo got changed into a maid outfit. (`・ω・´)

 She left shortly after as she was going to film AKB48’s RIVER dance cover with some videographers! Therefore I was left to lurk the convention alone. ヽ(;´Д`)ノ

Since I had nothing better to do and was feeling quite foreveralone, I went to camwhore. Sad Sachie is sad! =(*´Д`)=

Walked around the dealers room. I always found FX’s dealer’s room to be quite interesting as it’s a mix of comic merchandise, anime, horror, gaming, and more! I mainly stuck to the gaming/anime isles though.

Saw these Doctor Who cosplayers! I think they were pretty good (never watched DW though!)

Tom Felton (who plays Draco Malfoy in Harry Potter) was at the convention doing a meet/greet, autograph, photo op type thing at his booth. So many people were lined up! He was actually very good looking, more than I thought haha. ヾ( ´ー`)

Walked out of the dealers room and saw these Team Fortress 2 cosplayers! A red engineer and blu engineer battling it out! So so so epic! ( ´艸`) I just started playing TF2 this summer and it’s super fun, so I immediately jumped at these two cosplayers to take their photos! ( I think I creeped Red Engie out a bit though because I have like 5 more photos of him from the weekend. Also saw him walking down the street on Saturday night and was yelling to him across the street/making hearts at him XD!  i’m not creepy i swear! ヽ(;´ω`)ノ ) 

More pictures under the cut!

Crowded dealers room!

Stormtrooper with a boom-box, so fresh! Σ(~∀~||;)

 More TF2 cosplays! Spy, scout, and engie. Great cosplays! (〃∇〃)

Feet were getting tired so I went to the washroom to camwhore! I love the way short hair looks on me, but it would never look this good if I cut my real hair like this. ;_;
Famous horror actress Elvira was being interviewed. Holy crap, those boobs! ( ゜∋゜)

Saw Red and Johnny at the con! They asked for a picture with me as well! So freaking cute, love them!


Child stormtrooper! Also stole my heart that weekend, ~possibly~ cuter than red engie. I am doing this to my children.

Lauren as Belle from Disney’s Beauty and the Beast. She’s so pro at cosplaying! So beautiful as well! We were sitting together waiting for people to come get us haha. (Little did I know that Ringo would ditch me until 6PM ;_;)

Cute Mari cosplayer!

Epic Call of Duty cosplay haha. So creative / clever!

Met up with Emiry (who will be cosplaying more with us in the future, I think we’re doing a Chobits cosplay together soon!). (・ω・)b   Lurked around the dealers room with her. She’s so cute! She looks more asian than I do haha!

Of course we had to go camwhore in the washroom.

“Emiry Y U NO TAKE PICTURE WITH ME?” /(;°皿°)/

That’s better! 😀

I didn’t want to sit around by myself so I went to Junko Mizuno’s panel where she answered questions about her art and career! I first discovered her art in Shoujo Beat magazine when it was still running. I love her art style – it’s so creative and unique. Beautiful. I really enjoyed this panel! I think I’ll attend some more in the future.

Back in the dealers room – the most accurate Spock cosplayer I’ve ever seen! He looked so much like Spock it was unreal! He was also ridiculously tall! (°д°;)

Piko Utane cosplayer! She was super cute and her cosplay was great! I love her giant USB~

More camwhoring ;w; Took my armour off because it was hurting me (rubbing against my collarbone) and it was getting really hot.

Tried photobombing a picture of Superman. INSTEAD HE LOOKED AT ME AND THEN PICKED ME UP HNNNNNNG best photo ever as you can tell by my stupidly happy face. I was actually like OH GOD NO because my dress slid up and I felt like I was pantyflashing everybody. Thank god I wore those shorts!

AND THEN I FOUND MY HUSBANDO AND WE DID THE “I SOLVED THE PUZZLE POSE”. So happy that I found a Professor Layton cosplay at Fan Expo, that made my Friday complete!


Giant Hagrid made out of LEGO.


Ringo came back later and we changed out of our cosplays. Went with Jean and Thomas to Gabby’s where we met up with Wasi&co for food and drinks!


Jean and I both had sliders with sweet potato fries. I couldn’t finish the buffalo chicken one because it was too spicy (for me anyway, since I don’t do very well with spicy food). Therefore I gave it to Jean <3

Cute Jeanie~

First drink yay! It was called ‘Raspberry and  had some weird vodka and sourpuss shit in it, I have no idea. It tasted like weird grapefruit juice until you swallowed, then it had a sharp tasted and then a nice aftertaste.

That’s the end of DAY 1! Will be posting some videos and other con reports soon! (I’ll try to get them up ASAP, but I’m moving out next week for university and there’s lots left to do!)

P.S. Here’s the first tagged picture I found of my Meiko cosplay! Super happy with how it turned out! (Except I lost my red gloves ;_;) Watermark is just there because that’s what I’m planning to change my domain name to!

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