Sorry for the long wait! Here’s the con report for the Sunday of Fan Expo!
( I know that a lot of my images in other posts say bandwidth exceeded, stupid photobucket suspended my account because there was too much traffic for those photos? They’ll be up in a week or two hopefully…)

Packed up our stuff and checked out of our hotel on Sunday morning. I decided not to cosplay because my back hurt from pulling it on Saturday. (Damn Black Gold Saw heels! ;_;) We checked our luggage and headed back to the con centre. Sami cosplayed STRength, minus the hands (I think it was because the handles snapped or something?)
I cosplayed a bee~ Dollarama cosplay yay
STRength checkin’ out dem figmas and figures!
They had this really creepy exhibit up promoting Hulk? Oh god it looked so realistic, I felt as though it was going to open its eyes and scream or something! Still trying to overcome my fear of zombies and weird creepy things orz…

Princess Zelda cosplayer! She had very well crafted armour.
CRAZY SPOCK AGAIN, he looks so awesome!
Ringo and I decided to collapse on the group and chill for a bit.
Xmen cosplayers! Love those Xmen kigurumis.
Cute Tiger Ringo~
Ringo and I had to be Asian tourists and take pictures beside the giant robots! This was at an exhibit promoting the movie ‘Real Steel’ which is coming out. Hugh Jackman is going to be in it WHICH MEANS I NEED TO BE WATCH IT.
Ringo with some TF2 cosplayers! (I don’t even think that the guy on the left was cosplaying, LOL!) TF2 cosplayers this year were preeeetttty hot!
Ringo vlogging action!
Cute Miwako from Paradise Kiss!
Japanese artist Junko Mizuno at her table. I became a fan of her art after seeing it being showcased in Shoujo Beat magazine. I sat in on her panel on the Friday of Fan Expo and really enjoyed it! I wanted to buy her art book but then reconsidered because it would probably just sit around my house all day. I think she’s holding an exhibit in Toronto sometime soon, so I’d really like to check that out!
Nerd love <3
Going up to Subway for some food. SERIOUS FACE ESCALATOR RIDE.
Excellent photobombing skills!
Ringo’s super awesome cat bag! I bought a farty-alpaca and a rabbit bag from the same seller. So cute, I’ll take a pic for you guys later! 

Oh look it’s Professor Layton! Kyle in his ~thinking~ pose.
Crowded dealers room~ But wait, what’s that in the background?
Of course, it’s the Meowth-balloon! 
I think that’s it for the Sunday report. (I’m not really in a writing mood haha, but I feel like I’ve delayed this post for too long.) Fan Expo was a lot better this year than last year! I really enjoyed myself at this convention. Hopefully next year I will have become more interested in comics and stuff. I’ll probably attend some more panels!

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