It’s funny…

As soon as I paid for an actual blog domain, I stopped blogging so frequently! ;_;

I’ll try to update more often! But I’m not really sure what you’d like me to blog about, so please give me some ideas!

I’m currently in my second week of university classes. The classes that I am currently taking are Linguistics, Multimedia, French, History, and English. All of my classes have between 200-400 people in a lecture hall, except for French which as about 25 people in our classroom. It such a big transition to make from the small classes we had in high school! Then again, I quite enjoy the big lecture halls! The lectures seem much more interesting because the professors are so passionate about what they’re teaching.

I am currently living on residence at my university, in apartment style res! Here are some pictures of the apartment!

 This was on the first day when people were still moving in! The view from my room is pretty nice, looks out onto a bridge~

 One part of my room. I have the biggest room out of the 3 bedrooms n the apartment. Since this picture was taken, I’ve obtained a shoe rack! I mostly keep my basins of stuff on the top part though.

My room! This room is actually bigger than the one I have back at home haha!

 Our living room is quite big! I think it’s kind of a waste since none of us really use it! We mainly just stay in our rooms.

 My little white Toshiba laptop and Mio booby mousepad. Desk is kind of messy

The photo doesn’t want to rotate, but here’s a picture of a cute dress I bought at Sirens last weekend! Need to get some pretty tights to go with this because it recently got quite cold.

I will end this post with some delicious coffees! My friend Jenna and I had these on one of our first days together on campus at a nearby cafe! I had a caramel latte and she had white hot chocolate. We felt like such university students – sitting in the cafe and talking about life! What a wonderful feeling :]

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