Akiyama Mio cosplay + Studio Photos

Here are some photos from the High Park cosplay event on the 15th of October.
The weather was cold and miserable so we ended up going to a friend’s office studio instead to get photos!

 Joanna made the guitars… they’re amazing! She’s such a talented cosplayer!
“Elizabeth” (the name of Mio’s bass) is made from styrofoam board coated with Modge Podge, craft foam, various knobs and screws, wire, and paint!
This is also my favourite photo haha <3

Click ‘read more’ to see more of the photos~ 

Mio the light stand! I was actually thinking of the below picture of Allison Harvard when I was doing this picture… Obviously I dont look as intense as her haha but she gave me inspiration!

And now…

 Floating Mio! I love taking jumping pictures, they always seem so…light? I love the sensation of looking like I’m flying!

Group picture with my Azunyan (Joanna) and my Yui (Kami!) They’re both so cute!

My long wig was irritating me so I took it off and changed into my normal clothes.
Got some normal shots as well!

Basically all I did when Justin taught me how to use his DSLR was stand in front of light stand things and take pictures! I didn’t know how to make the camera focus properly, that’s why in a lot of the pictures only my eyes were in focus lol.

The light box made my face look really orange though, took forever to correct the colours ;_;
I also updated my ‘ABOUT’ page with this photo! I’ve reformatted it as to fill out FAQ’s that I get along with basic facts.

Moe Moe Mike and I! Except I’m all blurry noooooo~ (°∀°)b

Finally, a picture of my nails that day. Dark brown base with different fimo fruits! Not really in focus though orz

I really want a DSLR, it was so fun to play with! Hopefully I’ll be able to save up enough for one during Christmas time. ( ´艸`)

Thanks to Thomas, Justin, and Mike for the photos! ( ̄▽+ ̄*)

You can see the rest of my photos and cosplay updates on my facebook page!

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