Style Change

THIS post on Tokyofashion.come really inspired me – I think this look is gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous. This girl is super super beautiful in my eyes ;_; I really wish I could dress like this but I typically stay in my comfort zone in terms of my style. But I’d really like to change my hair style – haven’t cut my hair in almost a year and a half now (trying to grow it out), but thinking of dying it? Not a bright colour like this, but maybe a darker colour or black/dark violet shade? I’ve never dyed my hair and I really want a change – I think bangs are cute and I want to try them out but I always feel like my face is too round. My eyebrows are really thick/dark so thinking of lightening them a bit so they don’t look to bad under bangs….
I don’t think I’ll end up doing this, but I just want a change. πŸ˜›

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