Came home from university on Friday. Mom had just come out of hospital from her examination in the morning and wanted to go out for sushi! Hadn’t been out to eat in a while, so we ended up going to my favourite sushi place! A little Japanese restaurant called ‘Sushi Tei’

The inside of the restaurant was quite cosy and was very nicely decorated! Lots of Japanese-style decorations.

Choosing our food!
Now, onto the food spam! Seriously the food was so good omg ♥(ノ´∀`) I ordered Chicken Teriyaki bento! It came with miso soup, a bowl of rice, chicken teriyaki, salad, 4 pieces of sashimi, and shrimp/vegetable tempura. Seriously my favourite meal ever, it was so good!

Ahh drooling forever! (*´▽`*)
My mom was feeling kind of sick though so she ended up leaving halfway to go sit in the car. I hope she feels better soon.(/_;)/~ ~
It was such a nice change from eating crap university food every day! My appetite in university is so bad now… I don’t have breakfast, just two bottles of pomegranate green tea. Lunch is usually soup, dinner is either more soup or some other random stuff from the cafeteria. Then at like midnight I’ll have popcorn or something. Stress is killing my appetite ughhh (´∩`。)

I typically used cosplay as a way to rejuvenate my creative flow and relieve stress, but I don’t have the time/space to work on projects… I don’t feel like gaming or reading or hanging out with people either. I’ve recently started watching Game of Thrones which I quite enjoy at the moment, thinking about getting the books and reading those over Christmas Break! I want to find a small cosplay project that I can work on to distract myself. I was thinking female engie from TF2 or maid or something, idk. I just really want to make stuff (´;ω;`)

 I also really miss my moetron girls, hope I can see them soon! Looking forward to DTAC and Christmas shopping ~ (ღ˘⌣˘ღ) 

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