I originally wanted to make this post reflecting on the past year but honestly nothing comes to mind… My current boring life makes me feel like I’ve spent a year doing nothing. Looking back at the past year, I’ve done quite a bit.

  • Started blogging seriously on this blog. (I had been blog-hopping on different domains and finally settled down here.) 
  • Heard back from all the universities that I applied to and was accepted to all of them! Chose my current university.
  • Planned and finished my Black Gold Saw cosplay with a full group! Super happy~
  • Became really good friends with Moetron.
  • Got my first part-time job.
  • Started regularly reviewing items for my blog (circle lenses, beauty products etc).
  • Graduated high school with honours.
  • Went to Montreal/Ottawa and saw Prince William/ Princess Kate.
  • Turned 18.
  • Moved into apartment/residence and started university. 
  • Finished a semester of university.
  • Saw LIGHTS in concert.
  • Got a DSLR!
My year hasn’t been super exciting. I do have some goals for myself though.
  • Become healthier – stop eating so late at night, get at least 30 mins of exercise a day instead of just lazing around. Improve skin, tone up, lose some weight.
  • Improve my Youtube – Take better quality videos, start working seriously on my channel, aim for at least 10 000 subscribers by the end of the year. Try learning more dance covers, uploading more vlogs, tutorials, reviews etc.
  • Find a summer job – to earn money, save up for third year exchange to the UK. 
  • Stop looking like a homeless person, improve looks in general. Put more effort into style. 
  • Work on photography skills – Set up and upload images to flickr, do photoshoots with Moetron, develop a style.
  • Travel – Canada is boring. Or at least travel somewhere, I don’t even care if it’s Montreal again. 
  • Market myself better online, for future sponsorship or business opportunities~
  • BE HAPPY~! – I think I had a mild case of depression at the beginning of the school year, I was so stressed and tired and didn’t want to meet with anybody, not even my friends. I didn’t have an appetite and didn’t want to go anywhere… Didn’t even have the motivation to work on cosplay. And I felt sad. The weather in my university’s city was complete shit, it was just continuously grey and cold shortly after school started. So I’d just like to be a bit happier. 
Hopefully I’ll actually be able to follow through with these resolutions…

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