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Quick post between classes!

Crabtree and Evelyn is probably one of my favourite beauty brands. I love all of their scents! Unlike other beauty stores that sell lotions/soaps/perfumes etc that have artificial scents, C&E’s products all have very soft, natural scents.

Practice shots with my new camera. Unedited (other than the watermark).

There used to be a Crabtree and Evenlyn at the mall near my house but then it closed down. I know there’s one in Eatons Centre in Toronto! I went with one of my friends to a mall near my university and found one there which was really exciting. I picked up this body spray.
It’s got a very pleasant light floral smell that doesn’t smell sharp or chemically. It honestly smells like you’ve just emerged from a field of flowers, it’s nice. ( ˘ ³˘)♥
So of course when I was taking the photos, my cat had to check everything out. ( • ̀ω•́  )
Will be writing up a cosplay post very soon! So excited, finally getting back into cosplay! :] 
As for school, I like all of my classes so far! Haven’t really gone out too much this week, mostly just watched chick flicks and started watching Community (which I love!) 

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