[REVIEW] Cure Natural Aqua Exfoliating Gel +Bison Bath Salts

Oh man, I feel like all I ever post now are reviews. 

I do like writing reviews though, as well as reading them! I think that it’s helpful to people who are looking to buy the product but want more personal information as opposed to just the product info on the website.

I recently bought Cure Natural Aqua Exfoliating Gel.  I’ve read numerous blog reviews that raaave about this product, so I really wanted to try it out. It promises to remove dead skin cells form your face but in a super gentle manner that won’t hurt your skin like other exfoliating scrubs. This isn’t a scrub though, it’s a gel! And it’s super gentle.  It’s made with natural ingredients and is like 90% water!

I bought it from this eBay Seller. 

The package came packed super nicely! Lots of bubble wrap to make sure the bottle arrived safely.  It also came with a pack of moisturising bath powder! I love my bath powders and salts. (*´艸`*)

The bottle is medium sized. The pump is super smooth, so you don’t have to press hard to get a lot of product out.
It has a watery gel consistency. No scent either!
When you rub it into your skin, the dead cells come off! Those little white rolls are my dead skin cells! 
I’ve never used a product like this so I thought this was really cool. I used it on my face… I never realized how much dead skin I had on my faces! Especially since I used St Ives scrub exfoliator. 
It was actually pretty gross lol. Especially on the sides of my nose! I washed my face before using the exfoliator… But then makeup was still coming out the pores on the sides of my nose!  Thank god for this product!
I totally recommend it! Although it’s a bit pricy… It should last a long time though because you’re not supposed to use it every day. Twice a week maybe?  And you don’t need very much product to get the full effect!
Now, for some bison bath salt pics. I recently used the Volcanic Clay type! It’s very nice.  I did a review on it last year in this review post! 

It’s a purple powder with clear chunky crystals. Has a fruity scent.
Purple powder turns a greenish grey. Just like a volcanic cloud. It lives up to its name.
It also looks like a volcanic cloud! 
Basically, I love Bison bath salts. I can never get enough! I ordered two different types in my SaSa haul. I’ll review those when they arrive. 
I’m going to bed now, just marathonned an essay. Blogging is such a great stress reliever.  

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