[REVIEW] Eyeluver.com Circle Lenses!

I’ve been putting off this review for so long! I sincerely apologize.
Back in December, I received two pairs of lenses from the popular online circle lens shop, www.eyeluver.com. They have a great selection of lenses that you can’t find in other lens stores! I’m going to show you two designs now. 
They came securely packaged in styrofoam blocks. I think this is probably one of the safest ways lenses are shipped to customers, because this securely protects the lenses. Packaging could be prettier tho. 
It took about 2 weeks for the lenses to arrive to me. Communication was great, all my emails were answered promptly! A+ for service! 

First, the grey lenses! Here’s what they look like… 
 And here’s the breakdown! These lenses mimic GEO’s Nudy Grey lenses, but have a thicker dark outer ring.

(Making use of my ring light haha~)It has a ‘sparkly’ grey design! Coverage is great. Doesn’t really blend too well with brown eyes, but would work amazingly with blue or green eyes! 

The color comes out as a lice light grey, really makes the eyes stand out! I recommend these for cosplay as well, as they turn out quite nicely in photos. These can also work for daily wear!


Now, onto the Pop C Dark lenses in blue! 

Here is what they look like in the case…
And here is the breakdown! 

These lenses are great, so different from all the blue lenses I’ve tried.  The coverage is solid, and the designs/colors are beautiful! The only thing I don’t really like about these lenses is how big the outer black ring is, but the gorgeous blues make up for that.

I’d definitely recommend these for cosplay, since the color is so pretty in photos. These look very unnatural for daily wear though.

I think I might wear these for my Rorona cosplay! 
Both lenses are on sale for $20/pair, so definitely check them out!
I also have a coupon code!
Enter the code SACHIE for -10% off each pair of lenses!
Do you like these lenses?  Tell me what you think!

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  1. katie February 27, 2012

    I love the nudy series and super want to try the grey ones! Both lenses I think look great on you!! Especially the bluessssss <3 they make your lovely eyes stand out even more! ^3^ I actually got these for my bf too, they're wonderful cosplay lens for sure!!! I can also vouch for these, highly recommended lens haha!


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