[REVIEW] Kiss Me Heroine Smooth Cover Powder

A review for this was actually requested a while back… was just waiting for my new powder to arrive. (My last one decided to do a suicide jump from my bag = shattered powder all over the side walk.  Fortunately it was almost finished. Wrote this post up a while ago and then forgot about it…orz 

Well, here you go!

Kiss Me Heroine has become one of my favourite Japanese cosmetic brands. They have great products and adorable packaging! I love the retro anime designs.  I’ve been using this powder I think for… 2 years? Probably one of the best that I’ve ever used!  (Next to the Lioele one~)

 Very cute dresign. Much prettier than American brands’ packaging! 
 Comes with a marshmallowy sponge.

I really like this powder because it actually matches my skin color very well! I have like… light nude colored skin that has yellow undertones. I find that other powders are usually too white or too yellow. This one is a perfect combo. 

After one light swipe. This powder can be used as a powder foundation because it has such great coverage! For those days where you don’t feel like putting on bb cream or foundation, this will work well to tone down redness and cover up flaws. 

I really love this powder <3

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