Room Tour!

The lighting in my room last week was really nice. I’ve decorated my room a bit more since my post about moving into residence. Maybe this is a bit of a pointless post but I like this post. Just something funny to look back on. 

Still a bit messy, I know. Most of what people see from my livestreams is just my bed and Totoro. The messy side is the part you’re not seeing lol. 

Kiki’s Delivery Service blanket that I won from x giveaway!  It’s super fleecy and nice, and the print is from one of my favourite Ghibli Movies.
Messy clothes, makeup drawer, hair products… 
This is actually what it looked like when I walked into the room. Had to scramble to clean it up in order to get the upper photos LOL.

I’ve also updated my layout after the longest time. I wanted to change it to a darker theme… What do you think? I still really like my old theme but it’s more of a fall theme. 

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