My package from arrived last week! Super excited for it because 1) It was my first time ordering from SASA and 2) I ordered some really nice things. 

Let’s take a look at my ‘haul’. SASA had a few things on sale, plus the free shipping on orders over $29. Only ordered 4 items though lol. Shipping took about two weeks to arrive at my place.

My first thought was “what a huge box!” Why did I even get a box this big for some liner, mascara, and two bath salts? Such wasteful packaging. 

It was also filled to the brim with packing peanuts! Why SASA, whyyyy?  The flew out everywhere when I tried opening it. 

Can you guess what I bought? 
Dolly Wink eyeliner pen in deep black, Kiss Me Heroine Make Mascara in Long&Curl, Bison Bath Salts in 7 Hot Spices and Cooling Mint.
These two products are the ones I was looking to try out the most. First is KOJI’s Dolly Wink eyeliner. Dolly Wink is suuuuper hyped up. It’s also produced by one of my favourite models, Masuwaka Tsubasa!  She’s super gorgeous. I wanted to see what all the hype was about! I’ve been looking for a pen eyeliner with a fine tip, and I couldn’t really find what I was looking for in regular drugstores, so I bought this.  Let’s just say it lives up to it’s hype. I love it so far! 
I’m becoming addicted to KISS ME’s makeup. Packaging is beauuuutiful, and the products are amazing. Ordered the HEROINE MAKE Long&Curl Mascara. As you can see on the packaging, there’s a little crown sticker.  It means that it was ranked #1 on cosme (which I think is a japanese beauty product ranking website?) in the mascara section. I’m really glad to have this mascara now. I had to throw out all of my old mascaras because I’ve had them for too long (I typically keep my mascara for about 4 months at the longest before throwing them out. I don’t want them to have bacteria, especially for products that go near my eyes!) 
I’ll review both of these in a later post.
I kinda just threw these bath salts into my order because the cost of the eyeliner and mascara weren’t enough to qualify for free shipping. 
Bison Mint Bath Salts – Was curious about these. I’m in love with the sweat bath salts but I’ve never heard of a cooling bath additive! I’ll save this for the summer though.

Finally, Bison 7 Spices Bath Salts (couldn’t find the link, I think it’s out of stock now.) As you all should know by now, I love my bath salts. Can’t wait to try this one out!


On another note, I’d really like to ask you guys for a favour!

I recently entered my university’s digital arts contest. Basically, top 5 submissions with the most votes are presented to a panel of judges, who then choose the winners. I would really really love it if you could vote for me ;_;

The voting process only takes like 2 minutes! ♥

1. Register for a WordPress Account  by clicking here.
2. Go to your email and get your password/login link.
3. Close that page and go to this link: 
4. Click on the ‘Votes’ button for the icon with the yellow face /red nose/brown eyes!

Thank you so much ;_; This contest is really important to me. (You can forget about the account after voting, WordPress won’t send you any annoying emails)

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