Hello earthlings!

I haven’t blogged in a while… I remember last year I had so much to blog about that I would write up scheduled posts in advance! Recently, I haven’t felt much inspiration to blog. My days seem so bland. Yuck. (゚⊿゚)

Happy February! Valentine’s day is coming up soon. Can’t wait to spend my 19th Valentine’s day alone!  I’ll probably spend my evening sitting alone in my room, stuffing my face with chocolates and watching romantic comedies or Mad Men. ヾ(*´∀`*)ノ (That’s my new series to watch after I catch up on Community, which I’m on S3 EP8)

Here is a picture to break up the walls of text. ( ゚д゚)

Anyway, I wanted to blog about my exchange plans!  During the third year of university (we have four years of uni in Canada), we have the opportunity to spend a semester or a year studying abroad at one of my university’s sister unis! So of course I want to go to the UK! I’m studying communications and multimedia for my major. I’ve been looking at the sister establishments in the UK and only two offer specific courses for my major… University of Sheffield and University of Leeds. My dad was pushing for me to go to University of Bristol but Bristol doesn’t have the courses I need.    So my current first choice option is University of Leeds.

I have relatives that live in Cardiff, Wales, which is really close to Leeds! I think my dad just wants my Aunt to keep and eye on me..

I’m so excited to go to the UK! It’ll be so different from Canada. I know some people have issues with being so far away from their families. I’m planning to do the full year exchange there, so my parents said that they’ll come visit me over Christmas and we can spend it at my aunt’s place. And my aunt has a pretty big house, it’s so nice. So I’m kinda looking forward to it, hehe! I’m currently keeping updated with the blog of some girl from my university who is studying at Leeds, she says there’s a lot of independent studying, but she’s really enjoying it. She’s also planning quite a few trips to the surrounding countries, which is great! The only country near us is the United States. I’ve been there quite a few times, but I should think that it’s quite convenient having so many countries nearby in the UK! Oh, and I’m also really looking forward to checking out the UK cons like MCM Expo… Going overseas isn’t going to stop me from cosplaying. 😉

My second choice is to go to Australia! However my parents are kinda against it – apparently I won’t experience too much culture shock because Aussie and Canadian societies are generally alike? My dad says that Toronto and Sydney are very alike. University of Sydney offers communications and multimedia programs too. ( ´°ω°`)  I’d like to go to Australia one day though.

Now I just have to save up like crazy! Gotta go job hunting soon ><

 The blanket I won from x Jlist Christmas giveaway arrived! It’s made out of the softest fleecy material ever. Omg it’s so warm and nice    And bonus that it’s Kiki’s Delivery Service! Probably one of my favourite Ghibli movies ever.

My mom’s birthday was on the 29th of January. We got her a chestnut-cream cake! Chestnut cake is actually delicious. People tend to think that it’s gross but omg most delicious cake ever.

I apologize for not having much to blog about, but that will change soon! I’ve got a few reviews coming up as well as documenting my cosplay adventures! Anime North is in less than 4 months and I haven’t started. (Yes, it takes me this long to plan haha.) I’ll really need to plan patterns and buy materials soon. I’ll probably have to do these things myself  >< Also need to start planning Ringo’s outfit!

I have lots of ideas for our cosplays.  When it gets warmer and school lets out, I’ll be working on a cosplay video! Maybe like a showcase or music video type of thing.

I shall end this post with my current favourite song!

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