1G3G Show! + Giveaway~

Yesterday, I went with my friend Ariel to see the1g3g panel that was doing a show at my school! 1g5g (aka 1 Girl 5 Gays) is a show on the television channel MTV. It’s basically 1 girl (Aliya Jasmine, host and producer of MTV News) and a panel of 5 gay men who live in Toronto.  On the show, they talk about their lives and relationships. They answer 20 questions on the show. Although it can be quite explicit at times, it’s pretty funny.

Aliya Jasmine was there, with Jonathan Schuester, JP, and Matt Barker!

Aliya Jasmine, before the guys came out. She’s so tiny and gorgeous, and she’s a lot more intense than she appears on TV! Super entertaining, she’s awesome. When she was walking around answering questions, she told me that my gold shoes were awesome! *_* Day = made! 
It was hard to take pictures because it was dark and the lighting was weird. 

From left to right: JP, Jonathan, Matt, Aliya.  

At the end, we went up and got a picture with them! We actually skipped to the front of the line and nobody noticed, haha! I should’ve dressed up nicer, this was my day class outfit! But super excited that JONATHAN HAS HIS ARM ON MY SHOULDER, he is my favourite  I’m kinda glad that Matt Barker wasn’t there lol, he seemed really annoying and cocky during the actual show. 
I’ll be going to Toronto Comicon with Sami this weekend! I’ll be cosplaying Yuki from Vampire Knight Guilty, not sure what Sami is doing? Cat Kigurumi I think?  Anyway, we’ll be there on Saturday. We’ll also record a few vlogs and maybe a dance.
Finally, have you entered my giveaway yet? 

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