Bad Week.

Blogging at 1AM because I feel crappy and can’t sleep.  

I’ve been sick all week with a very bad cold. It started Tuesday afternoon with the sniffles, but then escalated and just got worse. I had an essay due on Wednesday which I had finished part of, but I was feeling so terrible that I had to defer it. (I got an extension to Monday.) 

Didn’t go to my classes today except for my philosophy tutorial. Only went to that because I really love it.   Then I went back to my room and napped  , then got food, and then played Team Fortress for a few hours.

Karumen and I made such a great Heavy/Medic duo but unfortunately she sacrificed herself for me. Or got backstabbed by a spy, I can’t remember. But it was a great game.   If you have a Steam account, add me! I’m ✿SACHIEPON.

I’ve been watching InuxBoku SS recently! It’s very cute, definitely recommend it for those of you who like girly/romance anime. Very lighthearted. The main character is a tsundere… I have such a weakness for tsunderes hehe.  Caught up with those episodes so I decide to start watching La Corda D’Oro. It’s one of my favourite manga, I don’t know why I waited so late to start watching the anime! It’s another really cute series, I recommend it.   I want to cosplay Kaho-chaaannn~, the girl with the red hair. Just need to find a violin, haha.

I also did my nails today. Shoppers had this pretty polish on sale for $2.99! I’ve been looking for a nice light pink polish but wasn’t able to find one. Kind of messy, but I’ll fix that later.

Finally, rent troubles. I’ve mentioned on my twitter that I’ll be renting a place with a few other friends for next year. Wellllll, stuff happened. Suddenly, S says that she probably can’t rent with us because of some financial troubles. Then J, one of my high school friends, says that if S pulls out, she’ll also have to pull out. We were supposed to rent this house as a group of 4… Meaning if those two pull out, A and I will have to rent the house for just us two and share with two other strangers. Which would really suck. 

We’re going to meet with the landlady tomorow to sign the lease. Hopefully nobody else decides to pull any crap on us.  I’m really desperate to find a place to stay next year because it’s getting late in terms of rentals and most of the good houses are gone, we just got really lucky to find this. 

Just ughghghgh people can be so unreliable sometimes. 


Oh and if you’d like to help make my week a little less suckish, I’d realllllyyyy appreciate it if you could vote for me here if you haven’t already. I’m no longer in the top 5, meaning I won’t have a shot at the big prizes. I’d really like to win one of the prizes so that I can sell it to help pay for my UK exchange fund.  Which will cost me almost $10,000… 

I recently entered my university’s digital arts contest. Basically, top 5 submissions with the most votes are presented to a panel of judges, who then choose the winners. I would really really love it if you could vote for me ;_;

The voting process only takes like 2 minutes! ♥

1. Register for a WordPress Account  by clicking here.
2. Go to your email and get your password/login link.
3. Close that page and go to this link: 
4. Click on the ‘Votes’ button for the icon with the yellow face /red nose/brown eyes!

Thank you so much ;_; This contest is really important to me. (You can forget about the account after voting, WordPress won’t send you any annoying emails)

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