Bath powder, LUSH, Face Mask Reviews! :D

Hello everyone!

Sorry for the gap between posts. I’ve been a very busy girl lately! (Usually a lazy bum lol).
I’ve just finished classes and exams, packed and moved out of residence! It feels weird living at home again. I’ll miss my little residence room, it was so convenient and close to my classes. But the place my friends and I have rented for next year isn’t too far, only a few minutes walk from campus.

Oh, another life update! I got a job today! It’s at a dress store that sells gowns and prom dresses etc. It’s very cute. I’ll be working there over the summer. But this finally means that I’ll have a stream of income for conventions (I’ll be able to afford Otakon hooray!) and cosplay stuff. And also saving up for my exchange to England in September 2013!

Anyway, onto the promised reviews. I took the pictures for this bath powder a few days ago.

Decided to try out this bath powder that was included as a bonus gift with my Cure Exfoliating Gel order! I wasn’t really expecting much because I’ve never seen this before. I’m not sure of the brand, but it’s supposed to be a moisture bath powder. 

 The powder is a bright orange. It smells like citrus. Not actual oranges, but like… orange candy scent? A very sweet smell.
Into the bath~!~!~!

 There wasn’t really a reaction to the water, it just kind of settled at the bottom. It didn’t crackle or pop like the Bison bath salts. No as exciting, hahaha! 
 Cat walks in as I’m getting the water ready. CUTE. ;~;
 “Oooh what are you putting in there?”
“But why would you want to bathe in that? o^o “
As for the actual bath, it did have a thickening effect, but not much. It smelled like oranges for a while, but then the scent fainted. Didn’t feel very moisturising either? Overall it didn’t seem that great, just turned my water yellow and made the air smell like citrus. 
(two other review after the cut!)

Also, as a little celebration thing to congratulate myself on getting the job at the dress store, I bought this face mask to use during my bath. Totally treating myself haha! I’ve used this a few times and really like it, it makes my face feel really clean, despite being a clay mask. Check it out on the website! It sells for $1.89 at Walmart 
It applies smoothly and isn’t sticky. I feel like it actually does temporarily help with blemishes and redness. It dries hard and crackly but doesn’t flake off. Make sure to thoroughly wash it off! 
SO REFRESHINGUUUuuuuuuu! The mask smells faintly like aloe and cucumber. Shooped cucumbers over my eyes because I couldn’t find any in my house haha
 I also bought this bath bomb from LUSH! It’s called “Pheonix Rising.” It’s a purple bath bomb with some gold flecks/sheen on the outside, and it smells like apple cider! Such a wonderful scent! It was such a lovely bath bomb, definitely recommend it. It was $6.95. Check it out on the website! 

 The bath bomb is a little pricy in my opinion but I bought it for a special occasion. I’ve been meaning to try some of LUSH’s other products out since I’ve only really used their shine shampoo bar. Definitely want to try out some of the other ones in the future!
Also, as you can see in the above picture, the gold is only on the top of the bath bomb.

 Atomic bath bomb! It turns the water a medium purple.

 Mine even had a stick of cinnamon in it! Talk about ‘natural’ products haha!

 Surprise blue-green centre! I wasn’t expecting this at all, what a nice surprise!

All in all, I’ve had very pleasant experiences with Lush products! I love giving their gift sets to people as presents because all of the products are so nice! I hear so many awesome things about their other products from beauty gurus and blogs, so I recommend them if you are willing to try out some new bath products!
I hope you guys liked this post I’ll try to update on my cosplay progress soon. I’ll be able to work on more products now that school is out! I posted another video to my youtube channel, you should check it out if you haven’t already! 
Have you guys bought any LUSH products / recommend anything for me? I’d love to hear your suggestion and read your reviews! 😀 

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