Went out and bought myself some cute clothes! I actually bought these a month ago but forgot to blog about these until I was clearing pictures out of a folder.

Found this cute clothing store called ‘Katie’ in a nearby outlet mall! Stuff is so cute, oh god! I’m waiting for them to get new stock so I can go find nicer summery clothes! I need to replace my ‘lazy wardrobe’ (black t-shirts etc) with cute clothes to force myself look nicer! 
THIS. THIS TOP IS MY FAVOURITE. I think it’s actually supposed to be like, a dressy top on small asian girls but I’m too tall haha. I really like the lace/collar trend that is/was happening… It’s so cute! I love it to pieces.
Green floral print dress. I like this since I don’t really have any greens in my wardrobe. It goes to mid-thigh on me. (Sometimes it sucks having such long legs/torso, cute clothes are always too short on me.)
Yellow half-sleeves jacket. It flares out at the side. I usually wear this belted! 
So yeah, that’s it for gets at the moment. Trying to save up for Anime North cosplay materials! I’ll be vlogging about this in the future, so please stay tuned! I’ll be posting more frequently to my youtube account. And speaking of youtube, I made an eye makeup tutorial! I had quite a few people message me about how I do my eyemake up which is surprising because I don’t think I do it particularly well haha. I’ll try to improve though!

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