June Haul~

Well, this is hardly a haul haha. Picked up a few things this week! Needed to replace a few of my key make up items.
First, I needed a new powder! My Lioele powder is almost finished, and my Heroine Make smooth cover powder shattered ;_;. I was running to catch the bus to Ringo’s house (for cosplay sweatshopping) when my powder pact fell out of my backpack and shattered on the floor. There were some bigger pieces that could have been salvaged but I needed to catch that bus so I had to abandon the powder there. Saddest feeling over, orz. 

 Instead of ordering a new Heroine Make powder pact from SASA or ebay, I decided to try out western brands again. Got this Revlon PhotoReady powder, but it’s a tad too light for my skin. I might save it for winter when I get a bit more pale, but it looks like I’ll have to order another Heroine make powder.

This powder is pretty good though, it covers nicely for a matte finish. BUT NOT AS NICE AS HEROINE MAKE POWDER. :c

Also lost my EOS lip balm, so I took a chance with Baby Lips after hearing so many bloggers/vloggers rave about it! It’s quite food, lives to its hype. Hydrates the lips very well!

I bought the peach color because I like to have a peachy tint on my lips. I’m thinking about getting the clear one as well once I wear this down a bit! This color shows up as a light peachy orange. 

Popped by H&M and picked up these purple shoes for $10! I love getting shoes from H&M when they’re on sale. These are quite comfortable as well. I’m pretty sure that H&M was getting rid of their spring stock, so they had loads of shoes, bags, and accessories for sale. These shoes were the only thing that caught my eye.

Also got the candy bar shirt from the Pinku Project booth at Anime North! I love this shirt so much! Ringo also got one that was yellow instead of blue like mine. It’s so sweet~ (。・ω・)ノ゙

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