(Posted this on my tumblr as proof so I can receive a refund on from paypal, so please don’t mind the tumblr watermarks!)

Recently bought this NAKED2 eyeshadow palette from this eBay seller. When I received the package, I knew that something was wrong. The palette I received was clearly a counterfeit product. Here is the proof!

Comparison from the video to my actual product. 

1. The authentic Urban Decay eyeshadow comes in plastic packaging and always comes with a mini Urban Decay lipgloss. As you can see, the fake comes in regular paper packaging and no lipgloss.

2. The authentic NAKED2 comes in plastic packaging around the tin, and has no extra white space at the sides. This counterfeit NAKED2 has the white spaces.

3. The authentic NAKED2 has even eyeshadow pans, and does not have a mark in the middle of the tin. This replica has a middle mark. 

4. The authentic NAKED2 has smaller and brighter letters. The replica one has dull yellowish letters that are bigger.
5. In the real NAKED2, the “d” of ‘Half Baked’ aligns with the edge of the eyeshadow pan. In the fake, it goes past the pan. 

6. The fake NAKED2 has very sparse brushes, not thick and dense like that actual Urban Decay brushes. 

Also, the shadows here are really sunken in. Unlike the authentic Urban Decay shadows (which are filled to the top), this palette has ‘sunken in’ shadows which don’t even fill the pan half way. It’s just a thin strip of eyeshadow coating the pan.

I’m really hoping to get a refund because it’s super sucky to have paid for a product that is a fake. I was really looking forward to my Urban Decay NAKED2…  πŸ™

I even got this message from eBay warning me that it was a fake, but I had already paid for the product by the time I had received the email. 

So let this be a lesson to those buying makeup products off eBay! Even if the seller has good feedback, it’s better not to risk it and get it off the official site or in store. 

Update: After sending the seller this review, they have agreed to refund my money only if I send back the product with its original packaging. Kind of a stupid agreement, since they’re just going to put it back on the market to screw somebody else over.

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