And second year begins…

I can’t believe today was the first day of second year. Where did my summer go? (I guess I can’t really complain since classes finished in April, giving me almost 4 months of summer ‘vacation’.)

Yesterday night I moved into my new room! Instead of living on residence, some friends and I decided to rent a house! We’re living on the second and third floor of a house that is quite big!

Here are some room pics.

For some reason, my landlords thought it was a good idea to paint one of my walls bright orange. During the day (mainly in the sunlight) the color gets quite intense! But at night and in artificial lighting, it looks like a dull red color which is good I guess. I would’ve like to paint my room but my landlords said they had recently got the paint job done so I wasn’t allowed. Not too much of a problem since I’ll only be living here for 8 months.

The white walls are kind of dingy, so I’ll have to paint them again this weekend.

Since my dad left for his business trip, he couldn’t help me move my own bed over so I had to get a new one from Ikea. It’s quite convenient as it folds up into a chair! This allows for more space, which was great when I was unpacking.

Big windows = great natural light for vlogging! 
The only downside is that if I vlog with the white walls as my background, I have a horrible orange glow from the wall across from me. I’ll have to invest in some softboxes for better lighting and maybe a sheet to put against the wall. 
This is where my desk is located. I’ve got some prints on the wall as well as a little dry erase board. The left photo is where my figures and makeup are set up. I sit and do my makeup in the morning since there’s good lighting and I can watch people walking on the street.

My mom and uncle are bringing over my set of drawers on Friday evening so my clothes are stored in boxes for now…

The room is bigger than what I’m normally used to which is great, I love the open space and the high ceilings. Should be useful for when I’m working on cosplay projects or if I have friends over!

We’ve been having some crap weather recently. It’s currently in that awkward phase when summer is transitioning into fall, meaning hot flashes, thunder storms, and sudden cold periods. I’m hoping it gets cooler soon so I can bust out my fall wardrobe~!

Oh and before I forget, here are some photos of things I bought myself for my birthday! (I can’t believe I’m 19 now… I turn 20 next year! Scary to think about… )

  Awesome new shoes from Spring, only $15! The little gems I find in the sales section~

And now I shall end this post with a picture of me looking quizzical. 

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