[REVIEW] Bison Cooling Mint Bath Salts

Back in February, I did a SASA haul! (I blogged about it in this previous post).

I wasn’t up until about two weeks ago, on my birthday, that I used some of the bath salts! I like to save them for special occasions because I really like using them and don’t order them too often. 
It was a very hot and sweaty day, so I decided to try out the cooling Bison bath salts. I’ve read various reviews on how they create a tingling and cooling sensation in the bath, so I was curious to experience that myself. 

Product description:

“Bison Mint Bath Additive allows you to easily enjoy a carbonic acid bath containing the element of germanium. It gives you a new cool experience that comes with crackling.Germanium, one of its ingredients, is hydrating. Besides, minerals from hot spring leave skin sleek.
The product also contains tightening and cooling ingredients, deodorizing ingredients and skin-smoothing ingredients.”

The powder itself is a sky blue color and contains clear crystal chunks! This is what creates the ‘popping’ noises when you pour the powder into the bath!

The powder had a very strong mint scent. The scent reminded me a bit of toothpaste, haha! I liked it though.

In the first few minutes of getting in the bath, I really didn’t feel any different. No tingling effect, just a very strong mint scented blue bath. I like my baths to be quite hot – I was sweating but didn’t feel any of the salt’s effects. However, a few minutes after, the ‘cooling’ effect kicked in.

It’s a very strange feeling – my body that was in the water doesn’t feel any different, but the part above water began to feel very minty! And I definitely felt the cooling effect! Helped me to cool down in a hot bath~ very refreshing!

Definitely recommend this bath salt for summer and hot weather! 

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