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I’m super tired today but I feel terrible for not updating my blog, so here’s a spontaneous review post!

 This past weekend, a family friend came over and brought me some goodies! Aaaaa lovely lovely things!

First, lip tints! These lip tints are by fresh, part of their Sugar Lip Treatments! Sephora is currently offering miniature versions of Rose and the clear treatments as part of their Beauty Insider birthday gift program! I picked up the mini versions for my birthday in August and have been in love with them ever since. Luckily, I received the full size versions of Honey and Coral! Also received a lipstick from Make Up Forever in the shade N34.

Coral is a bright coral – red orange tint. Although it is a tint, the color is quite opaque and glossy. Coral is a lip treatment, therefore it moisturises, conditions, and repairs the skin on your lips! while providing a nice pop of colour! Lasts fairly long, although the color tends to fade to the edges making it look like you’re wearing lip liner. Fine on reapplication though.
Honey is a toned down brown/nude pink. Probably the most wearable, toned down colour of the three. Applies semi-sheer. Like Coral, it is a tinted lip treatment. I’ve been wearing this color the most out of the three.
N34 is a cool-toned medium pink color. Not as glossy as the others, but then again, it’s a lip stick.

Swatches on my arm. Since I haven’t done swatches of the mini Sugar duo from Sephora, I thought I’d toss them in here.

Hahaha not too sure why I swatched a clear balm, but there you go. Rose is my favourite because it gives a nice wash of color. The formula isn’t sticky either, and is super moisturizing.

Definitely in love with these sugar tints! Which is your favourite color?

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