New cosplay project! I’ve been getting really into Naruto lately. I started reading the manga about 3 weeks ago because I was bored and wanted something new to read on my S2. I used to love Naruto back when I was 11/12, when it played on YTV’s Bionix! The arc with Haku and Zabuza was my absolute favourite. I’ve wanted to cosplay Haku forever but I want a Zabuza…. this cosplay will happen sometime in the future!!

The anime has so many filler episodes though, which made me lose interest very quickly. After starting the manga, I’ve become addicted (again)! This time, I was drawn to Hinata. She’s very shy and cute, and her little bursts of courage despite being pretty weak as a ninja make me love her even more. Despite being a character in an insanely huge anime franchise, not many people have cosplayed her! Her Shippuden outfit consists of a purple sweater, blue pants, and leaf village headband. She has white eyes with no pupil (from her Byakugan, which enhances her vision and lets her see very far distances, opponent chakra/energy, etc.)


  I’m really excited to cosplay her. I’m going to be using mesh screen contacts for her eyes. It’s basically a white screen design that allows you to see through (the black square are the holes). This covers the iris and gives the ‘white out’ effect. Although circle lenses look nice, they expose the iris and don’t look like Hinata’s eyes. I know I can get grey lenses and photoshop my iris, but I really want to try out screen lenses! I’ll make sure to review them! I bought them here.

I’m kind of sad because I won’t be able to do many cosplay projects this year. I really need to save up for my exchange. Luckily, xfancy will be sponsoring my Hinata cosplay, so I’ll be sure to review the costume and quality for those of you who buy your costumes. Later on, possibly later this month or next month, I’ll be doing a shoot with Joe! Excited and scared for a winter shoot, hopefully I don’t get sick! 

I’m sure the photos will be worth it. I think Hinata will be a cosplay that I can take over with me to the UK for cons there! I’ll prob just bring Hilda, Emmy and Hinata? Ahhhh too exciting! :]

I’ll keep updated when my costume, wig, contacts etc arrive! 

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