happy february!

Wow, I can’t believe it’s already February! Time feels like it’s flying by so quickly…

I’ve seen a few instagram posts where people talk about their instagram photos, so I thought I would try my hand at that! I don’t have a point and shoot camera (my old fujifilm died on me) and I only take my DSLR out on special occasions… but I do always have my phone on me! So here are some pictures from the past month! πŸ˜€

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L: I’m the VP of Finance at my school’s very first cooking club! One of my friends wanted to start one and asked me if I would like to help out. Of course! Our first event was really fun – we want to teach people how to make easy and healthy student meals. We made fajitas! They were so tasty. I was in charge of the meat station, so I taught people how to properly cook and season ground beef!
R: One of the microphones for my audio project. These are called binaural microphones – they have two mics and pick up sounds on both sides which can help create a ‘location’ for the sound – for example, if somebody whispered into one side, you would hear it in microphones as if they were whispering into that ear! We had to use these to make a soundscape. I think this kind of looks like ghost hunting equipment.

L: The winter here has been pretty strange so far. Unlike what people normally seem to think about Canada, Toronto hasn’t had a proper snowy winter in years! Mostly light – medium amounts of snow if we’re lucky. I We’re close to Lake Ontario which probably contributes to the slightly warmer weather, compared to places that get foot loads of snow like Barrie / Cambridge! Nothing better than snuggling under blankets though~
R: I am in love with this lotion! I recently subscribed to Ipsy (a monthly subscription makeup/skincare bag, created by Michelle Phan) I don’t normally like citrus scented products but I fell in love with this! The lotion is also super moisturising which is fantastic, especially in these summer months.

L: Made my own ringlight! My dad was taking down the christmas decorations when I realized that this could work as a sort of ring light. Lighting isn’t very good in my room, so this really helps out. And it gives my eyes a nice starry reflection!
R: Had to buy professional studio headphones for my audio class. They are circumaural, closed back headphones and I love them! These are the Sony MDR 7506 and cost about $135 before taxes.

L: Received my white mesh contacts for my Hinata cosplay! I’ll post a review of these soon. They basically cover your eye and create a white-out effect! You are still able to see quite well, but it’s like looking through thick fog. And the less light there is, the better you can see.
R: My cute mug~ I’m addicted to tea now! I usually have two cups a day – one for breakfast and one before I go to bed.

Sorry for the lack of posts, I’m putting more effort into my youtube channel! I’m about to hit 20k subscribers which is insane. I still can’t believe it! πŸ˜€ I’ll be sure to have some more posts (mainly reviews) up soon, so please stay tuned!

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