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Hey guys! πŸ˜€
Finally done all of my midterm projects! I’m lucky that my program doesn’t have midterm exams ( we have huge projects worth 20% of our mark instead……..  ) I had 3 of them due in the past two weeks = no sleep, super groggy…  photo 8bc3f10ec9f9a42187e31ff10fed1f78.gif
But I somehow managed to get through the first season of Dr Who!  photo 7812c37d6be42fa94a5c6de12161f0c4.gif Loving it so far~ I’m also up to date with Parks and Recreation! It’s probably my favourite show so far. The new season of Community is great but it’s totally lacking now that the director (?) quit. That’s okay, because Parks and Rec is amazing and totally makes up for it! 
Anyway I’ve been really getting into lookbook + fashion blogs lately! I’m really looking to update my wardrobe since it’s pretty boring at the moment. I really like that streetstyle vibe so I’m trying to update my closet for that! πŸ˜€ I figured, since I don’t post very often (trying to put more effort into my youtube channel!), I’ll try doing more blog posts like these more often? They’re quite fun to do!  photo nrwgdsscagtkjek.gif

 jacket – gift from parents  / dress – no brand / leggings – ZARA / boots – Taobao

+++ I made a lookbook! Hopefully to track my progress in becoming a more ~stylish~ person!  photo ynicqdisqlirbdx.gif

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