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Hello lovelies!

Two weeks ago, I went to Centre Island with my parents! It’s an island that’s located right offshore from downtown Toronto. It is full of attractions – Centreville (small amusement park, mainly for small kids), restaurants, parks and beaches.

In order to get there, you need to take a ferry from the Jack Layton Ferry Terminal (9 Queen’s Quay West)! If you’re walking from Union Station, just walk south along Bay Street to Queens Quay and you’ll see it.

I was really happy because I’ve been working full time since I got back from SDCC and haven’t really had a chance to go out on the weekend. The weather was beautiful which was great considering we’ve had a really crap summer so far, mostly cloudy days and rain.


 Boarding the ferry. Such a long liiinnneeeee.

The ferry ride over. Lots of sailboats out on the water!
 The quieter parts of the island are really peaceful. This spot overlooks the children’s swan boat rides!
Gorgeous views of the city!
 Bear rides! 😀

 “ey man gimme summa dat”
 There was a small zoo area, and there was a rabbit enclosure! So many sleepy bunnies piled on top of each other ahhhh.

It was really nice to go out on a walk! I wish I had more time to go out on the weekends but work as been crazy. Going to get crazier with Fan Expo coming up! :>
Thanks for reading! Seeya soon!

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