summer wishlist


I’ve been doing an unhealthy amount of window shopping – both online and in-store. I like to wind down in the evenings after work but reading blogs and collecting outfit inspo on lookbook! I would really like to level up my wardrobe as well, been packing away/donating old clothes that I haven’t worn since high school.

This bag is so cute! Simple and sturdy. The shorts are lovely as well, I saw them in store and the wash is so nice!! I’ve hardly worn shorts at all this “summer” because the weather hasn’t been too good. I’d like at least one pair of high waisted shorts though because I think I only have 2 pairs of shorts in total and they’re both low waist.

instax mini 8 instant camera / real techniques makeup brushes
I’m pretty sure that most people out there love the idea behind instant, physical proof of memories. (Strange way to put it, I know.) I’d love to have an instant camera… There’s something so special about having an instant, in the moment photograph with only one copy!
I have the Core Collections set of the Real Techniques brushes, and they are amazing! I’d like to get some more but shipping is expensive and they only have a few sets here in Canada :[

ostrich nap pillow / herschel bird print backpack
Ok yeah I know, the nap pillow looks ridiculous. BUT GUYS THIS WOULD BE AMAZING!! I’d want one just so I could stick my head in it and ignore the world and nap and ugh it would be amazing. The top even has arm holes for if you decide to sleep on a desk or something! πŸ˜€
Also yeah, another bag. I have a huge thing for bags! I saw a guy on the bus once with this bird print bag and it was really unique. Would really like it but it’s really expensive and sold out almost everywhere. I don’t need a new backpack since I have my sturdy swiss army backpack, but it would be nice to have a good quality one as more of a fashion bag!

black boots / yotsuba revoltech

everybody needs a pair of super cool black boots, yo. These are the Avery boots from Doc Martens, but I’m not particular on brand. Anything black that can match well with clothes and up the edginess vibe :] The flower pattern is nice though!
And I NEED THE YOTSUBA FIGURE!! I don’t really collect figures any more because I can’t afford it, but I do love revoltechs because they’re easy to pose! She can sit and drink tea with my Professor Layton revoltech! πŸ˜€ The summer edition is really cute, but it’s sold out (waaaa).

But yeah, hooray for wanting things that I don’t need! Although I like to think that I need them… Window shopping it is then! Haha. Gotta save up for England!

What’s on your wishlist? :]

Seeya soon! 

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