first uk beauty haul/review

Heyo lovelies~

Now that I’ve been in the UK for a few weeks, it’s only natural that I delve into the world of ~beauty products that I can’t find in Canada~… Meaning, I’ve been trying out a few items that I have not seen back home! I left a bunch of beauty essentials at home, things that I could easily just buy here! (Moisturizer, shampoo…etc.)

I didn’t buy these all at once, but rather over the span of the past three weeks!

First – my makeup purchases! One of the first makeup products that I wanted to try out while in the UK was the Bourjois line. I don’t believe we have this back in Canada? I’ve heard so many beauty gurus/bloggers rave about this brand – especially the Healthy Mix Serum gel foundation.

It claims to have “16 hour radiance” but really, who would want to wear foundation for 16 hours? Haha! It’s a light-medium cover foundation and has a light, gel texture. It smells like apricots! I know many people don’t like scented products, but this scent isn’t overpowering. It lingers for a few minutes and they disappears. Super easy to blend (I love blending it with my Real Techniques buffing brush ahh!) My shade is 52 Vanilla.

This was also on a buy one get one half price deal, so I randomly picked up this Delice de Poudre bronzing powder (which I’m kind of regretting because I already have my NYC Sunny bronzing powder which is amazing).

THIS BRONZER LOOKS AND SMELLS LIKE CHOCOLATE. I love it! It’s matte and the shade compliments my skin nicely. I chose shade 51, which is a fairly light shade.

Soap & Glory is one of those brands that I’ve seen in Shoppers, but haven’t really seen anywhere else. I often hear beauty gurus and bloggers ranting on about how much they love the products. Being a totally sheep, I bought two items at Boots (the UK version of Shoppers!) I believe the deal was buy one get one half off.

Clean, Girls; skin softening creamy body wash
Oooooooh man this stuff is good. It’s a scented body wash and it makes you smell like flowers! Super lovely scent. Lathers up nicely and feels lovely on the skin.

Flake Away; shea butter, sugar and peach seed powder spa body polish
Not gonna lie, never really saw the hype behind body polishes. I used the St Ives apricot body scrub back at home but it was a ‘meh/could live without this’ product. Since the deal was buy one get one half off, I decided to try it out! It’s a good product – buffs away dead skin and leaves it feeling great, but the big thing for me is THE SCENT. SMELLS SO GOOD. AHH.

I also hear the body butters are quite good as well, hoping to try those out later on. (My wallet is still sobbing over the amount of money that I’ve spent since I’ve arrived.)

For the first few days, my skin was feeling super dry. I popped by Superdrug and was looking for Aveeno moisturisers, because that’s what I used back at home. They didn’t have any, so I settled with Garnier Moisture Match for dull skin (lol).

I find that products for dull skin have some things (probably magic) in them to brighten up one’s complexion. Not sure if it’s because of this moisturizer, but my skin has been at an all time best so far! A hardly any major blemishes and my skin feels healthy. This has a gel consistency and has a light floral gel scent that faces after application.

L’Oreal Elvive smooth & polish perfecting conditioner/shampoo ~with keratin polish~

Pretty sure we have the same thing back at home, because the packaging looks virtually the same as the L’Oreal NutriShimmer shampoo. Haven’t seen any amazing results yet, but right now I’m generally looking for anything that’s gonna calm my stupid frizzy hair down πŸ™

That’s it for my haul, until next time! πŸ˜€

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