Leeds Light Night 2013

Hi lovelies!

On Friday evening, a two friends and I decided to head downtown Leeds and check out Leeds Light Night! It’s basically a night where there are lots of live performances, art exhibits, street food vendors…etc. If you’ve ever been to art/super crawl in Hamilton, or any of the art events in Toronto..it was kind of like that!

I think I prefer going out to artsy events instead of going clubbing… More fun wandering around a lit-up city at night with friends!

 First we headed down to Trinity Square (main downtown shopping district.) Lots of beautiful arcades outdoor/indoor shopping areas. Wish we had more of these in Canada.

 I have spent way too much money in this mall. Damn you shopping addiction! ;_;
 Saw this ad (I think it was for Topshop or River Island or something) and omg laughed forever. Edited in the words haha, made the ad 200% better.
 Right outside of the main Trinity shopping centre, there is a little church. (I think it’s called Holy Trinity?) People were performing there. These two sang beautifully. The church was gorgeous!
 Decided to head over to the main city hall building, where many of the other events were taking place. Light Night had events all across the city.
 Art exhibits being projected onto buildings.
 Radisson was lit up with different coloured lights.
 City Hall had a big clock work image projected onto the front of the building! It was beautiful! At 10PM, different moving images of people dancing and merry-go-round horses popped up!
All of the buildings are so gorgeous! I definitely want to visit this area during the day time!
Also tried out a different way of editing my photos – what do you think? 🙂

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