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Hello lovelies! (Just a warning, this is a very image heavy post! Most of the photos are under the cut)

This past Saturday (October 19th), my friend Naomi and I decided to take a trip down to Liverpool! The university actually organizes ‘GIAG – Give It A Go’ sessions! They are basically taster sessions where clubs allow you to attend a meeting for free to see if you’d like to join. However, they also had day trip opportunities! We decided to do the day trip to Liverpool. The trip cost us £17 ($28 CAD) which covered the round trip bus fare.

We met by the university at 8:45AM. The bus departed Leeds at 9AM.

Very dark and foggy when we departed. The weather was a bit crazy that day – first grey, then sunny, then rainy, then grey, then INTENSE RAIN, sunny, and then it just got really dark and stormy.

We arrived in Liverpool at about 11AM. We were given a map and were basically told “be on the bus by 5PM” Naomi and I set off on our little adventure!

 Liverpool has an absolutely gorgeous dock area! The architecture is incredible – love the mix of old and new buildings.
 Yellow submarine, hahah! 
Just off to the side, there was a tourist information area. Naomi and I went inside to buy our tickets for the Beatle’s ‘Mystery Tour Bus’! (That will be my next post!) 
As you may know, the Beatles first started in their home town of Liverpool! I think that’s what first brought this city’s name into the light – the home of those 4 boys that rocked the world. 
After getting our tickets, we went to the “Fab 4 Store”, which was located right beside the tourist information centre. Basically a little store that is full of Beatles memorabilia. 
“All you need is love”
 After walking through the store, we decided to take a walk further into the city. It is so beautifully decourated!
Passed by the Liverpool museum! It was free entry, so we decided to pop in and take a little look around.
 For a little museum, it was beautifully set up! The exhibits were all so nicely arranged. 

(Oooh so artsy~)
 After walking around the museum, we had an hour left before our bus tour. So we decided to head to Liverpool One, which is the big shopping area! It’s basically an …arcade of shops? (I think they call them shopping arcades here, which isn’t really a term we use back at home.) Basically, pedestrian streets full of shops! Very busy, lots of people. 

 At this point, my stomach cramps were starting to kill me so I didn’t really feel like going into many of the stores… But there were lots of women’s clothing stores! Forever21, Primark, Topshop, Urban Outfitters etc… Trendy clothing stores for young people! ;D

 Super hip band busking outside… I think their sign reads “Bolshy”. They were great, super enthusiastic. 
 Heading back to the information centre for our tour. It cleared up quite a bit, blue skies! (But not for long…) We took a back route behind some buildings and found this.
Next post will be about the Beatle’s bus tour! Hope you enjoyed this~ 
I really hope I can come back to Liverpool again! 5 hours was not nearly enough to experience this city properly. 

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