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Hiya lovelies!

Got some lovely lenses from Candylens to review today! Shipping took about a week to arrive from Malaysia to England. (I think that was about the same time it took to arrive in Canada as well?)  Anyway, communication was great, they replied fast to all of my emails, and answered any questions that I had! When a store has great customer service, it makes a great impression and makes me recommend them to my friends! 😀

Let’s take a look at the lenses, shall we?

Vassen Latte Gray
Seriously loving these lenses. Although the websites states that they are 14.5mm, they give the illusion of being around 16mm. Definitely the most enlarging lenses that I own! They give a super dolly-eyed look. They are grey, with flecks of brown. Has a dark, medium size limbal (outer) ring.

Although the colour is ‘gray’, they appear to be brown on my eyes (the gray isn’t really that noticeable). However, if you have lighter blue/green/grey eyes, these will show up as being gray with a hint of brown!

The design really reminds me of GEO Cafe Mimi series in Macchiato…except being a gray version! Since this design is called ‘Latte’, I’m guessing that it is based on the Cafe series haha…

The appearance is quite natural, despite the fact that they enlarge your eyes like crazy!

Vassen Cloud Nine Blue
These lenses are very POW in-your-face blue! Super bright. They are bright cerulean blue, with flecks of pale blue. They also have a very thick black outer ring.

 Macaron case! 

These are not natural at all, but would be great for cosplay! Since they are mainly a solid colour with very little blending of the two colours, they really help to achieve a dolly-eyed look. They are 14.5mm, but I feel like they have a 15mm effect.

Both of these lenses are great because they didn’t make my eyes feel dry or irritated! I haven’t really tried out many Vassen lenses, but I was pleasantly surprised!

Which one is your favourite? Let me know in the comments!

If you’re interested in these lenses, you can find them (and many more designs/colours) over at CandyLens!

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  1. Naokawaii July 31, 2015

    I liked the first lenses!! Cloudy nine are too unnatural in my opinion ^^


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