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Keepin’ in the swing of blogging with all of these travel posts! On Saturday, Lindsay, Christa and I took a little day trip down to York. I was talking to one of my flatmates about places to visit in England and she highly recommended it, so we bought a round trip, anytime off-peak ticket for only £8.10 (with out student rail cards). 


We ended up missing our first train by only a few seconds (but it’s ok because out ticket was an anytime ticket!) so we sat in Leeds station and enjoyed some ridiculously overpriced Starbucks. I think my new drink is definitely the Caramel Machiato!

The train ride to York was only 20 minutes! The weather was terrible (of course) – grey skies, very windy, random bursts of rain.


Both views of the bridge we crossed.
(Behind the scenes of me taking the photo, haha! Thanks Lindsay :D)

 Since York is a super touristy city, there were maps and information booths everywhere!
 Rememberance day is coming up – there was a statue and these crosses set up outside. People were also selling poppies. (The poppies here are different than the ones we have back at home – these ones were cardboard, whereas the ones I’m familiar with are felt.)
York Minster! We lined up to go inside but soon found out that the line was to a counter to buy entry tickets. (We assumed it was free, haha.) So we just stayed near the entrance and took photos. High ceilings and stained glass – beautiful!
Lindsay said something along the lines of “Constantine was here” except I heard “Constantine the Wizard”. It became a running joke for the rest of the day.
Headed down the little streets nearby known as the ‘York Shambles’. Took a walk down through Fossgate. The weather had took a turn for the worse so we decided to duck into a pub called ‘The Lion’s Head’.
It was dimly lit, so please excuse the bad photo haha! Surprisingly enough, this was my first time having a meal in an English pub (and I’ve been here for a month!) It was nice to have some home-style cooking.
 Clifford’s Tower. Again, we walked up to the top thinking we could get in for free (must be the student mindset) but there was an admission price. So we just stood up at the top for a while and looked out onto the city.
Across the street was the Castle Museum. We actually went inside (haha) because we wanted to visit a museum in York. Student tickets were £$7.50
 Exhibits showing toys from the 50s / a typical 50s style living room.
 Coffinmaker’s book of orders.
 Inside the museum, there was a replica Victorian street! The main street had replica shops that you could explore. There was also a back street that showed the living arrangements of the poorer folk. Photo on the right shows candles made of animal fat. One of the information guides said that those were candles made with the same method as back then. The room smelled sour and weird 🙁


There were also dungeons further inside the museum!
There were lots of cool exhibits – if you’re in York, I highly recommend going!
Decided on our next activity by flipping a coin – a tour of York’s chocolate history! York is the city where many large chocolate companies were founded, such as Terry’s Chocolate, Rowntrees, and some others who I can’t remember at the moment.
There were different stations that we were led through by a tour guide. At each station, there were tastings for the different methods chocolate/cocoa were prepared throughout history. At the last station, we got to make our own chocolate!

Prooobaably the nicest chocolate I’ve ever tasted. Super smooth and silky, we got to put our own toppings on it!

They decided to save their chocolate for after dinner but I couldn’t wait, lol
 Chocolate making demonstration where a chocolatier showed us how chocolate is prepared.
Makin it rain (chocolaaate) – We got to taste the chocolate he made as well! It had a dark chocolate shell with marshmallow and popcorn filling. So good.

Before heading back home, we passed by some of the ‘Illuminating York’ exhibits! Judging by what we saw, it looked a bit like Leeds Light Night. We probably would have stayed around longer to look at the exhibits but the weather was acting up and it was getting really cold. Walked back to York station and took our train back to Leeds!

York is beautiful! Hoping to go back again in the spring. 🙂

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