Remaking the Naked

Hiya lovelies~

I’ve had Urban Decay’s Naked palette for two years now, and it’s lovely. It has neutral colours that I wear very often, and the pigmentation is fantastic. However, after seeing a post on Reddit’s r/makeupaddiction, I was inspired to remake my palette.

I only really use a few of the colours on a regular basis. Since I’ve been in the UK, I’ve been travelling regularly, which means I can’t really carry a long palette with me everywhere! I prefer the tin packaging of the Naked 2 and 3 to the first one, so I thought it was time to remake my Naked palette!

(Painful to see, right? haha.) As you can see, my original Naked palette has a cracked mirror and the packaging really isn’t that nice. I used a thin xacto knife to lift up the eyeshadow tins.

Next, I took the e.l.f. contouring blush and bronzer compact and did the same thing! This compact is nice because it has quite a big mirror, is hard/sturdy, and is a great portable size. I like the blush, it’s peachy with micro gold glitter in it! It’s supposedly a dupe for Nars’ Orgasm blush! The bronzer is too dark for me and super super pigmented, it takes a huge amount of blending for it to look normal for me and really isn’t worth the effort… (I got this set for like $3 in Winners so I’m not too attached to it.) I took the blush out of the plastic casing.

In my set, I used double sided tape to stick in the blush, and the Naked palette’s toasted, darkhorse, virgin, sin, sidecar and buck. It’s a shame I couldn’t fit another tin above darkhorse! πŸ™ But yeah, this is my new palette! Much more convenient, and easy to travel with/pop in my makeup bag.

I took the other colours and the bronzer and put them in another tin! I still use the other colours, but don’t carry them around with me.

Whatcha think? Let me know in the comments.

Seeya later~

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