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Lisboa, My Love

I’m in the final week of my exchange before I head back to Canada. I fly out on Monday, and I don’t feel like I’m emotionally prepared to return. These past few months have flown by at a scary speed, it feels like I’ve been here for maybe 3 months max. So many things have happened.

I’ll be talking about my exchange experience in a future post since many people have asked me questions! I’ll also be doing a video over on my youtube page.

But anyway, this post will be about my recent trip to Portugal! I took a last minute trip with my friend Christa to Portugal on the 1-5 of June. We bought our plane tickets and booked our hostels the week before our trip. We flew with RyanAir. Tickets cost £64.99 from Manchester to Lisbon, and €54.99 from Faro to Leeds Bradford. A last minute trip to escape the grey skies of England and soak up some sun!

Our plane left Manchester at around 9PM, and we arrived around midnight. We took a taxi from the airport to our hostel. Our taxi driver actually tried scamming us… The fare on the reader said €11, but he asked us for €20 because of “night time fees”. We argued with him for a bit but he wouldn’t budge, so we ended up giving him the €20. We were both tired and just wanted to get to our hostel, so it was a bit of a sour start.
We felt super safe at night, there were police patrolling the streets. Not many people were out, just a few restaurants closing for the night.
We stayed at the Golden Tram 242 Lisbonne Hostel. They are located right downtown Lisbon, right across from the Elevador Santa Justa! There was a 24 hour reception, and they spoke English. 
We booked a 10 bed mixed dorm. We only shared the room with 3 other guys but they were out all day and came in late, so we didn’t see them at all. The beds also had curtains, a reading light and a basket! Nice to have a little bit of privacy. There were separate shower rooms and toilets at the end of the hall.
The rooms cost us £14.64 (~$25) a night, breakfast included. We booked for two nights. I’d recommend this place, as it was very clean and quiet, and within walking distance of pretty much everything!


Gotta have a big breakfast for a day of exploring!
We had a great view of the Elevador Santa Justa from our room! Also a map in the hostel lobby, you can see how close everything is! We also had no trouble communicating with people, as most people spoke English.
Visiting the Elevador! We didn’t actually go up because there was a long line… We got our city views from the castle, which I will mention later! 🙂
Walked down to the Praça do Comércio.
You can get a fantastic view of the statue and arch if you walk towards the back!
Of course, I had to do a Jojoesque pose! I forgot to bring my sunglasses so I was squinting because it was so bright haha.
PALM TREEEEEES YAAAAASSSS!! They make me so happy! 😀 
 Puppy chillin on the balcony of a colourful flat. There were flowers and plants on every balcony! <3
Falling in love with the streets. So beautiful!
Christa and I decided to walk to the Castle at the top of the hill, but we had no idea where we were going so we just decided to walk towards that general direction.

Stumbled upon the Sé de Lisboa Cathedral! We actually thought this was the castle at first. Entry was free, but access to the back and upper terrace was €4 for students! We decided to go check it out.

 They must have been doing an archaeological dig in the back? Nobody was working on anything but it was really interesting to see.
We soon realized that the Cathedral wasn’t the castle that we were looking for… so we head out again! The entire walk was uphill, which really gave our legs a workout haha.
Decided to take a little detour off the main streets, went down a little residential side road with the most amazing views. Stopped off at a tiny local grocery store run but a little old man and woman to get drinks. You know you’re not in the tourist area when people all stop speaking English! We got a great view of the entire city.
 One of Christa’s friends recommended that we try out Ola icecream while in Portugal… I got hazelnut flavour. Super tasty! 😀
Finally made it to the Castle! It’s an old castle called Castelo St Jorge. The entrance fee is €4 for students under 25 yrs old. One thing I love about travelling in Europe is how cheap it is for students, or those under 25 yrs old to travel! I’m a butt and didn’t take a picture of the actual castle, but I filmed it all in my video instead! Link at the end of the post 🙂
 A casual peacock friend decided to come over and say hi! 😀
 Never pass up the opportunity to take casual peacock selfies ;D
The theme of the castle visit was “fit yourself into small places”. I like having weird themes whenever I go to places, they make for good photos.
Here is a pineapple mounted on a pedestal in the middle of an empty fountain~~
Welcome to my new home
Had a late lunch/early dinner at a little cafe across from the Castle since we hadn’t really eaten anything all day, apart from breakfast. This omelette cost us €10 which kinda made us cry, but it was so good. Everything was super fresh!! Definitely worth it.
Heading back to our hostel, stumbled across this super pretty graffiti!
Christa and I are the old ladies, haha ;D
Stopped off at a bakery before heading back to our hostel. Lots of people on twitter recommended for me to try out Pastel de Nata, which is a traditional Portuguese custard tart! (Two of them are overturned in this picture haha) I also bought a jelly mouse/rabbit thing, and peach Nestea <3
 In the evening, we headed back out to the square and ate the rest of our pastries while watching the sunset. Super pretty! It was nice and breezy.
We only spent a day in Lisbon, but it was a gorgeous city and I’d definitely like to come back and explore some more! We bought some train tickets to Faro, which is a coastal city at the south end of the country. I’ll talk about that in my next post!

I also vlogged my adventures here:

Have you ever been to Lisbon? 😀


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